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What is the real cost of crime in America? 

The departments of the federal government directly and indirectly crossover each other.  Problems for the Justice Department often start with the Department of Education’s poor performance.  As we know, there isn’t necessarily a government answer to every problem.  As hard as it might sound, Americans who are fed-up with violent crime often think that some of the criminals never should have been born in the first place. 

Not to start an abortion debate, we should good farther back.  How can we address the huge cost of the criminal justice system by encouraging (if not forcing) people to be more deliberate about when and with whom they have kids?  Of course, young people later realize that they should have wait to a better position and situation in life before starting a family—the difference between 18 and 26 years old would be wonderful.  It hurts to think about young boys who might be heading for the jail because no one properly prepared them for life.  We spend more funds keeping guys in the State Pen than keeping them in Penn State; what a waste of human and financial resources.

LaDonna from HBO's Treme

If you do a crime, you should do the time but most of that drama and the effects on victims could have been avoided.  The HBO series Treme hit me hard recently with the violent and senseless attacks on the character bar owner LaDonna and later street music Harley Watt.  This young thug shot Harley during a street robbery for calling him “son” and the gang assault on LaDonna was painful to watch.  While that is a T.V. show, crime happens every hour of every day and I am pissed.

The U.S. Justice Department, in my opinion, should invest more in reaching those heading down the wrong path.  Some presidential candidate or the current president should be tough enough to say that we need to discourage people from having children until they are fully prepared to raise a law-abiding citizen.  It cost more to put a thug in prison for a year than many people make in salary in a year.  I shouldn’t get started on the young parents who leave the responsibility of parenthood to their parents.  The economy is rough and grandparents should be planning for retirement rather than spending on grandkids while the baby-makers slide.

Albany Herald columnist Carlton Fletcher wrote a strong one about this subject this week.


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Mindless Crime

The sun came up in the east in Sylvester, Georgia, today.  It rose over an old pecan grove and the tranquility of the morning was broken by news that two area 80 year old women were beaten and robbed in separate incidents by males who look like me and the two seniors.


I can hear the accuses already, “I was just trying to provide for my family because the man is holding me down.”  Sylvester, which has a Black police chief, is in a state with a Black Attorney General.  The state is in a country with a Black Attorney General who was appointed by a Black President.  I guess I should add that a Black Georgian sits on the highest court in the land.


If the man is trying to hold criminals of any hue down, let’s hope criminals stand up—cuffed and ready for transport.


While working as a congressional staffer in D.C., my boss wanted me to give up my Million Man March VIP pass so he could give it to his dear colleague then Rep. Harold Ford, Sr. who had several sons and one was being groomed to replace him in congress.  Those “grassroot” Black congresspeople are often a snooty bunch of elitist who function like royalty and expect the masses to kiss their rings.  Okay, I sound like sour grapes because I never quite fit into their snobbish circles and Rep. Ford, Jr. because a sound young congressman.


At the MMM, Mrs. Rosa Parks was speaking and I asked the guy next to me what would happen if Mrs. Parks acknowledged with love and forgiveness the attendance of the knucklehead who broke into her house and roughed her up.   Dude and I agreed that he would have two million feet in his behind—from my Rockports to Ice Cube’s Converse All-Stars. 


So the righteous among us would quote Romans 12:19: Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it s written, Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord.


But since we were right there, let us get this one for you, saith “Folks done with mindless crime.” 

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