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The bloggers walk around as if they have all the answers and are never wrong.  Well, I am frequently wrong—some would say more often than not. 

 Where do we go from here—we being our community?  Actually, the Blue Dogs are the key because expanding their numbers and grassroots movement could create a comfortable home inside the Democrat Party for centrists and moderates. “Vacillate” is a word I got from listening to President Bush 41 and it is not a synonym for moderates.  The Blue Dogs who stood with President Obama last year during the campaign will live or die politically with his/their policies and that is cool but don’t vacillate when talking with conservatives back home.  The Blue Dogs who never supported Obama and the Democrat ticket (Rep. Jim Marshall) should consider becoming independent. 

If the GOP wants to take some Blue Dog seats, produce candidates in those districts with a fresh appeal and energy.  But, I am starting to see that the stimulus money has made Blue Dogs palatable to otherwise conservative state and local officials.  

As of today, GOP candidate Wayne Mosley in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District is the only viable candidate in our state against a Blue Dog.  Austin Scott would be the logical opponent to conservative Democrat Jim Marshall but no one is encouraging him to run for the congressional seat rather than governor.  Why–because old school conservatives want to teach more than listen to the people.  (See: Rush Limbaugh)  If they would listen a little they could learn that our community would turn on Democrats who benefited from the Obama wave last year but “vacillate” back to the right when it is politically convenient.  

 Secretary Jack Kemp is gone and will be missed because he was the favorite Republican of my crew in the pol sci department at my HBCU.  Kemp was right; we need a comfortable home for Black conservatives (and there are a lot of them).  If the GOP keeps purging the ranks of moderates, Black sheep will become Blue Dogs and even the south will turn blue.

UPDATE: I did not know that Dres from Black Sleep made an Obama remix last year.  From the golden age of hip hop, Black Sleep was down when music mattered and artist were mindful of their impact on the community.


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