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Israel Trip 2010

I recently returned from an amazing trip to Israel—my old friend Davis let me tag along.  After working in D.C. with it’s rich history and sites and after wearing out a passport for the last ten years, I am not easily impressed.  Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich, and members of congress are big but not J.C. big.  We are not talking J.C. Watts or Julius Caesar but the real J.C.

A person who slept through A.M.E. Sunday School has zero business visiting the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, the Western Wall or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  When the guide said Jesus sat on this bedrock, I walked over there with wobbly legs and kissed that sacred ground.   

The people of Israel are surprisingly diverse with a significant percentage of Muslims. I like a nation where almost 100% of the people are veterans.  Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are worth the serious airport security process.  South Israel and Egypt will hopefully be in my travel future.  Israel is something special so let’s hope the region can find a way to peacefully exist.    

For my travel buddies, T.A. parties to the break of dawn and the women stunning.  Ladies who can fire machines guns—my NRA friends would be in love.


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U.S. Grant and Haiti is not about current federal aid but about President U.S. Grant’s consideration of annexation of the island of Hispaniola, part being current Haiti and part being the Dominican Republic.  In D.C., I was friends with a woman from a prominent Haitian family who told us about the troubled history of her home. 

During a trip to D.R., the thought of going on an ATV tour in Haiti was to frightening for me; I don’t do motorcycles or unrest.

Our prayers are with the people of Haiti and we should consider that the earthquake would have occurred if President Grant took the island as a place for former slaves.  I have always liked the idea of giving former slaves a transition place away from the recent oppressors—-that’s where I would have wanted to be and I would have preferred a properly-funded all-Black school during my childhood.  In Worth County, Georgia, Blacks attended J.W. Holley School and my mother taught on one end while my father taught on the other.  Who wanted to go to school with people with superiority complexes?  The only thing we have like that in my community is the fraternity system, the color mess, church competitions….I better leave this alone.  

While America was busying annexing, the strip of land from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas would have been a nice area for a Black state or a new Israel.  My trip to Israel this week did not workout logistically but I pray that the region will calm for all parties.  We know from Sunday School that Abraham is the father of three major religions so three major claims go to that sensitive region.  It is silly of me to suggest that people abandon their ancestral home for safety—most would sooner die.  That would be like me leaving my ancestral home South Georgia.  A place my family supported with slave then  sharecropper labor so “I am telling you I am not going.”


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Muhammad Ali once said the problem with Atlanta is that it is surrounded by Georgia but the Two-State Solution is not about our state and the “Cairo” President Obama is visiting is not in syrup-making Grady County. 

The comprehensive speech President Obama made today outlines the history of Islam that was not covered in my comprehensive high school.  Obama’s personal history uniquely qualifies him to mend the damaged relationship between America and the Muslim World.  But, he did not blink regarding our support for Israel’s right to peaceful exist.  What Obama did today was less John Wayne cowboy mentality and more Sidney Poitier 60s smooth.

I wonder how many southerners recognize that Abraham had two sons –Isaac and Ishmael—and that Ishmael is a prophet in Islam.   

Genesis 21:17-21 (New International Version)

 17 God heard the boy crying, and the angel of God called to Hagar from heaven and said to her, “What is the matter, Hagar? Do not be afraid; God has heard the boy crying as he lies there. 18 Lift the boy up and take him by the hand, for I will make him into a great nation.”

President Obama is correct in supporting the Two-State Solution for Israel and Palestine because that conflict needs resolution.  At the risk of hyperbole, Obama speech on Islam and the Muslim world is one of the top ten presidential speeches of all time to me and could “simmer down” our conflict with the followers of that faith.   I particularly liked the way our president used passages from the Quran and Holy Bible to illustrate that terror was wrong.   


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I would have paid better attention in Sunday School and junior high if I knew that Israel and the Arab States would always be in the center of world news.  Two different historical views are found below. 


I can’t call it but someone needs to figure out a way to peacefully solve this situation because other parts of the world have.  But, I can respect that three major religions started in that region and none of them should completely leave. 


On a lighter related note, it’s cool when people say that the indigenous people of America should have had a better illegal immigration policy—they got robbed royally of two continents and we got stolen from a third stolen continent to toil….. (Don’t get me started)







Brief History of Israel and the Jewish People







Brief History of of Palestine, Israel and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict (Arab-Israeli conflict, Middle East Conflict)

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