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Whew, the Democrats are so lucky that the Republicans aren’t listening to certain members of their team.  Bob Inglis of South Carolina didn’t survive his primary so he is free to tell the truth.  Glenn Beck bumped heads with Inglis but Beck also told the truth when he said that his job is a form of political entertainment; it’s not his job to run the nation. 

In an interview with Chris Matthews, Inglis mentioned a list of GOPers whose brand of conservatism appeals to the center, independents and rural Democrats: Rep. Jack Kingston, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Sen. Lindsey Graham.  Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King played well off each other—some say it was planned.  The general idea was America could deal with one or the other.  The above list and a few others seem reasonable compared to the Far Right crew that push Inglis from office. 

When Rep. Ryan, a former congressional staffer, talks budgets and planning, smart Democrats know he should be on the top of their presidential watch list and know that he won’t be.  As we say down here, that would be too much like right.  Chuck D said in his lyrics, “This is the true tale..how the one who wins is the one who fails.”  Winning based on hate and fear is like the days when we  couldn’t play football in the SEC.

UPDATE: I finally caught an interview with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.  Again, for the last time, is this thing on, this guy is the type leader who gets down to it with out the junk and mess.  If you’ll listened to him as much as you listened to some other folks, you would be much better off..we would all be much better off.


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