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Are we stewards of God’s green earth?

A comedian once asked why is the Department of the “Interior” in charge of everything outside. While other departments get more attention, protecting the natural resources of this lovely nation should be a top priority.  I loved watching Ken Burn’s PBS Series on the National Parks and some of my greedy friends put money over natural beauty–drill baby, drill.   As FDR proved, we can help the economy by creating public works efforts that put young people to work in nature.  We know that exposure to hard work in pristine natural areas starts a life-long bond with the great outdoors. 

It hurts my heart to hear adults say that they have never seen the ocean or a real mountain but the same people spend countless hours in church.  The pastors need to crank up the church buses and have some field trips to the Natural Parks to — as Al Jarreau sang in the song Mornin–”touch the face of God” because every knee will bend when you think about who made such majestic wonders.

Finally, the Indians got robbed.  They should have had better homeland security but the Interior Department should be respectful when addressing them.       

Al Jarreau, Morning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzoWqMkMXng

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