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Project Logic Ga Contributor Helen Blocker Adams will be on the Herman Cain Radio show tonight at 8p.m. on wsb radio.  I first met Helen when we were trying to push political diversity by get our community to consider Cain for Senate.  Where have the years gone?


Helen Blocker-Adams will be a guest on the Herman Cain Show.

Topic: Independent Politics

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

8 p.m. EST


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This transition period is better than Fantasy Football because President-Elect Obama is sincerely committed to bridging the partisan divide.  What happens with Senator Clinton or Governor Richardson as Secretary of State makes me wonder if there will a position available in the cabinet for Richardson above his previous status?


Hopefully, a Georgian will be the Agriculture Secretary and the natural selection would be Congressman Sanford Bishop but what about Senator Chambliss if he comes up short in his senate runoff.  We must remember that ag policy is more regional than partisan and does Saxby want to be in the minority in the Senate.  The farmers, ranchers, producers and ag community respects him so Ag Sec might be a good fit.  


Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue would appoint a Republican to replace Bishop in the House if he was the pick and I can’t think of a viable African American GOPer here in southwest Georgia who could hold that seat in two years…Dylan Glenn, Deborah Honeycutt or Herman Cain moves to Columbus?  One thing is certain: the GOP needs to get some moderate congressional candidates in districts that are over 20% African American or stop wasting time, resources and energy. 

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Prince had a song called “Style” in which he said, “Style is the face you make on a Michael Jordan dunk.”  Well, I just made that face when I realized that Obama/Biden have the support of Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Andy Griffith—Opie, the Fonz and Sheriff Taylor. 


What optimizes Americana in the 50s and 60s more than Happy Days, and the Andy Griffith Show is synonymous with small town charm (okay, where were the Black folks.)  Do you remember the Fonz supporting Dwight Eisenhower with “I like Ike, my bike likes Ike.”  Of course, these guys are characters from T.V. shows but it says something good about “change” anyway.


Georgia Democrat Congressman Jim Marshall still does not support Obama/Biden.  I have been patiently waiting for him to come around—no October Surprise from Marshall. Obama has Senator Sam Nunn, Secretary Colin Powell and Ike’s granddaughter Republican Susan Eisenhower but no Jim Marshall. 


The October Surprise has given way to the November Empathy: let Jim Marshall lose.  His conservative voice would have been helpful to Obama or Clinton but he did not lift a finger to help. To add insult to inquiry, he still gets the benefit of thousands of new voters than the Democrats registered in his district—without his help.  As Deputy Barney Fife use to say in Mayberry, for this type behavior “nip it in the bud, nip it, nip it, nip it.”  To have loyal opposition from the Republicans is understandable, but to have the Obama White House assailed by someone the Obama supporters put in office—no.


But, don’t put it on Congressman Marshall; new and old voters need to study the whole ticket.  Herman Cain tried to tell the community “They think you are stupid.” 


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