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Oil is ruining a proud, culturally rich gulf region and outside forces seem selfish.  I am talking about our beloved Gulf of Mexico but people in the Persian Gulf could say the same.  For decades, we drove large cars and used dirty fuels but the discover of oil in the Middle East had us covered.  Our leaders made friends with their leaders with little regard for the treatment and well-being of the people in that sandy region. 

We know the large oil companies that got crazy-paid as the child of Abraham’s other son grew restless.  Bla Bla, Shah of Iran..Bla Bla…Jimmy Carter told us to change….Bla Bla I wish we never got involved in that volatile region.  

So, you have vocal groups who feel that their religion should run the government with secondary consideration for other folk’s religions.  Which gulf region are we talking about now?  

Sure, you can blame BP and blame the Obama Administration but at the end of the day, we all share the blame.  The real blame extends back in our history to every time empires expanded without respecting cultural legacy and the rich histories of others….Africa, the Americans, Asia, the Middle East.  How much does gas cost?  You have no idea.

The fragile ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico is some of God finest work; I can watch the TV coverage oily marshes.  Can we fix it?  Can you un-ring a bell?


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