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GOP Georgia State Rep. Austin Scott of Tifton is running for Governor.  This news is interesting because Scott is famous for siding with Democrat Governor Roy Barnes to change the Georgia flag.  Without getting into a debate about the Stars and Bars, Scott displayed a heaping amount of intestinal fortitude for his history of bridge-building rather than traditional rural rock throwing.


In the Tifton Gazette article, Scott outlined an innovative fundraising plan to raise $100 from 100 people in each of Georgia’s 159 counties—the people in a dozen counties can’t afford to pay attention, so good luck there.  But, the plan sounds somewhat Obama-like and I have been writing that the GOP needs to shake things up with some young blood and fresh ideas.


To be honest, I wish Scott would challenge Rep. Jim Marshall for his congressional seat because Obama needs constructive conservatives in D.C. and I am still ticked-off that Marshall was never in candidate Obama’s corner.  What should the Black community do if we realize that the Democrat candidates for governor cannot win in this Red State (like no Dem will beat Senator Isakson, so save your campaign money and consider it a stimulus check from me.)


The logical action would be focusing on the GOP primary—where the governor will be selected- and supporting the most appealing candidate.  But, then again, that would be too much like right. 

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