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Some General Motors workers learned today that they will not being worked for nine weeks this summer.  While we all know the downside to this unfortunate situation, the bright side could be precious time spend with the family and friends.


How many people wake up one day and realize that their children are adults because time went so fast.  I hope these workers can afford to spend time with their teenagers and little ones doing free or cheap stuff like relaxing in the park, cleaning the garage or playing tennis and basketball daily.  It is my understanding that fishing is a pastime that gives an opportunity to pass along family history and reinforce the moral compass and life skills.  You can spend some time with the kids now to avoid legal fees and diapers a little later.  Dig?


Workers without kids can sit at their retired parents feet and soak it the knowledge and wisdom while pampering the seniors to say thanks.  Uncle and aunts can take the family kids for a few weeks to give siblings a needed break.  (I am one of the top uncles on earth.)  And, folks without families can see about those cool senior citizens from church or the neighborhood—they love listeners and buffets.  What about that slow road trip across country you always wanted to take like those guys on the movie Wild Hogs.  


If you put out some good karma, maybe heaven will remember if you find yourself completely out of a job.  You can make more money but time spent with mom and dad is priceless.   Don’t find yourself at a funeral talking about “shoulda, woulda, coulda.”  My daddy said pin my flowers on me while I am alive—and I did.


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