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Obama/Biden strong supporters in non-swing states are chomping at the bid for some of the action.  It’s hard to hear that our states are (in the words of Evelyn from Basketball Wives) non-mother “blanking” factors.  There should be options (in addition to writing checks and phone-banking) for all this energy.

It came to me at 4 a.m.: The Two State, Two Step

Step 1: Vote Early in your home state, get everyone you know there to vote anyway because we still believe that Georgia and other states are winnable.

Step 2: Plan to pour energy and time into a neighboring swing state—but, in a direct, surgical manner.

The second state might be the state where you attended college, served in the military or a place with a lot of your family.  If phone-banking and knocking on doors aren’t your style, you should figure out a way to be helpful with rallies, rallies and more rallies.  We must do what we can to let swing state iffy voters know that their votes are so very important.

I will break down what gets the crowd out in my community in a way that nerdy campaign folks don’t know.  We love those family reunion/homecoming style/intergenerational old school mixers. The D.J. needs to dig in the crates for Maze, Tina Marie and Teddy (Pendergrass or Riley).  “Come on and go with me (to vote) because the nation is out on a limb and we need happy feelings….can’t we try.”   That is what we call partying with a purpose and you know positive people like to dance when the music isn’t rough.

Bush vs. Gore taught us that every vote counts and this effort might be the push that drives out our additional two percentage points.  Oh yeah, driving folks to the polls literally is a proven method but I drive an old pickup truck with little room.  South Georgians should focus on helping the Obama supporters from Jacksonville to Pensacola.  The Gulf coast is lovely this time of year.  North Carolina isn’t half bad as the leaves change.

You know that the Obamas without us is like Harold Melvin without Blue Notes (featuring Teddy Pendergrass)–so Wake Everybody.


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