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The last few weeks of a year are times for reflection and preparation.  I am personally battle-weary from politics and yearning for a 2011 that focuses more on positive public policy and better leadership.  Our southern heritage should push us toward a mindset based on personal choices, decisions and consequences rather than waiting for the government to solve our problems and issues.  We need fewer self-generated problems and issues.

I want to hear more from Obama next year…FLOTUS Michelle Obama.  Mrs. Obama wrote a wonderful letter to Black women in September’s issue of Essence Magazine (okay I was too busy watching college football to read Essence cover to cover like normal until now.)  The First Lady might be the most moderate person in the president’s inner circle and if working families modeled themselves after families of old like hers, we would be much better as a nation.  Those Robinsons were clearly determined people who were going to have something in this life and who watched how they “carried themselves.”

In another part of the same Essence issue, a quote from the First Lady’s speech at a D.C. high school graduation stated, “If you want a life free from drama, then you can’t hang out with people who thrive on drama.”  I generally admire all the first ladies of my adult life but this one has the opportunity to reduce federal spending if the hardheaded would take heed to what she should be saying. 

A great Christmas gift is a subscription to Essence magazine for our youth—boys and girls.  If a guy spends time reading about these type women and their vibe, he would have a more rounded development.  Hey, you can give Essence via the net using your airline rewards programs with a few clicks of the mouse.  We could be better in the future or actually reverse past gains.  The Chinese are fully focused while many American kids are getting softer by the day.  It’s time for frank, wise people to step up and tell the needed yet painful truth. 

Hey, it’s Christmas and the homies are returning from the war zone in good health; which is all I want for Christmas.  I hope young people spend time during the holidays listening to positive family members like military veterans, sage uncles/aunts and the treasured seniors.  We could have better days if we worked at it.


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There’s an article from Essence magazine regarding the Michael Steele selection.  May I just say, that Essence should be in every Black home in America.  I have been reading Essence since junior high: you learn about quality women from quality women and maybe one day you might have that type woman around you. 


I am calling someone out: the Sylvester/Worth County, Georgia Public Library.  A few years ago, I asking the staff why they had hair and fashion magazines but no Essence.  Logically, they said get it for them. 


So, I used frequent flyer miles and got them a few years.  Some people don’t know that you can give magazines for miles for multiple years and different addresses.  Giving Essence and Black Enterprise to teens in your family would serve them better in the long run than the junk they think they want.


While I am ranting, reading Essence and another “Black” publications would be useful for anyone in an area (the whole South) with a sizable Black population..i.e. School teachers and coaches. 


Reading across cultures will help build knowledge and insight.  Some people are so closed minded that they did not realize African Americans of presidential timber existed until recently—know the actors in the arena or don’t get caught sleeping like General Cluster. 


I study everyone and read everything.  And the older people are so willing to share.  Once on a flight to Honduras, this White vet schooled me on the real World War II, deep-sea fishing and Kansas agriculture.  Thanks for share.    


Again I say, Project Logic GA is about the Black political and policy experience in the South; which means that readers (all ten of them) should be Black and non-Black. 


Like the Indian guy in every South Georgia town who sells purple or red suits to the brothers. (The only men who should have red suits are Santa Claus, Kappas, and maybe UGA coaches.)  Anyway, that guy does not wear those ugly clothes but he knows his target market from listening and watching.


Michael Steele should model his actions after DNC Chair Howard Dean.  Steele should spend some time working on the product rather than intensifying the sales pitch.   

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