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Mrs. Juanita Goggins froze to death alone recently in South Carolina and reading her story was hard.  She was the first Black woman elected to the state House and a pioneer in public service. 

We must respect and protect our senior population and value them as the community’s most prized resources.  It hurts my heart to see young people using the worst imaginable language near senior women.  These women, many of whom lost their husbands years earlier, barricade themselves in their homes at night and during the day in fear of half-raised neighborhood thugs—but White folks are the biggest concern for the community.  Right.

I am pleased to say that I have always been a person who got taught when the old school people were sharing knowledge and wisdom on the block, in the church parking lot or the barbershop.  Since I have lived long enough to become old school myself, there is a natural obligation to share also but the homies aren’t interested.  They learn from rap videos and end up with an entitlement mentality and a lust for silver and gold.  “Seek ye first…”

Kids in our community are eager to start families with people they barely know while the parents who raised them are still on the struggle.  While the following statement is likely a stereotype, you must admire the Asian culture in America because the family unit functions as a cohesive operation—like a small business.  My Black brothers complain about the Indian and Korean businesses in the community but I say learn from their model.

Before starting a new family, our kids should take care of the seniors who let us stand on their shoulders.  They fought the good fight but now fight people who look like them and face neglect.  Family life would be much nicer if marry couples had their first child after the marriage solidified and after they were finished being young.  I say 24 years old is a good number.  Between 18 and 24, we should be checking on the seniors and learning from them.  Respect your elders….even when you get old.

The worst feeling in the world is putting off seeing about the seniors and learning that it is too late—-you selfish bastard.  I hope the rims and tims were worth it and stop leaving your kids for your parents to raise.  Those parents might find themselves with little savings at retirement age.  Retirement, what retirement. 

No one can say that I didn’t make the seniors around me priority one.  Matthew 19:19  “Honor your father and mother, and, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  Bible verse and cuss words in the same paragraph; let’s us say I am a work in progress and the senior are still busy molding.



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The health care debate dances around the idea that people are obese and unhealthy from lack of exercise and poor eating habits.  The public policy question is how much money should be spent saving someone from themselves.  There was a pastor down here who said when he was in “the world” he knew he was in the world. I appreciate that honest self-analysis and I personally know that if I eat too much of the wrong things I cooked my own goose.  (And drink Grey Goose in moderation.)

The Congress is considering legislation to paid spouses of war veterans with serious brain injuries to assist with their care.  What a great idea since to can’t imagine to debt this nation owes those families.

I wonder if engaged couples are really thinking that this person will be a solid and interesting companion with whom to grow old for the next half century.  As we prepare for Thanksgiving, give thanks for the smooth old couples who demonstrated how it should be done—with style, grace, commitment and responsibility. They don’t make marriages like they use to because they don’t make people like they once did; find yourself in a wheelchair and Boomquesia is out of here like last year.

Happy Thanksgiving and I give thanks that I did not marry Boomquesia.

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