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The drinking age or the age to buy alcoholic beverages was push to 21 years old from 18 years old in most states during the 1980s with possible reduction of federal highway funds hung over the states.  We know that the higher age reduces teen drunk driving and other alcohol-related problems that have always plagued youth—and the population in general.


An argument can be made that people old enough to get married, sign a legal contract, vote for president, hold a sub-prime mortgage and be a centerfold should be responsible enough to consume “adult beverages.”  Of course, the worst 10% or so of drinkers will do things that will call for stronger restrictions on everyone.


The young women and men in the military create concern for fair-minded people.  They are operating and responsible for multimillion dollar equipment and weaponry while fighting for freedom and defending this nation but they can drink a Bud Light in Applebees the day before heading to Iraq.  They can be shot but can’t have a shot?


So, the kid down the street had a baby at 15 years old but her college student cousin cannot buy wine at 20.  That situation creates the criminal act of securing alcohol in college.  Some people speculate that marijuana use is up for young people who find getting that illegal substance easier than securing beer.  Really?


State and federal officials should seriously study and consider moving the drinking age to 19 for beer and wine; leaving the age for hard liquor at 21.  A non-active Marine friend says the drinking age should be 19 in military clubs to respect their service.  We should check back with him in a few years after his son finishes high school and basic training at Parris Island—when the boot is on his son’s foot and it’s his turn to have the sleepless night our parents had.


(Please don’t let that call come in the middle of the night.)


60 Minutes Drinking Age Segment  

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