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So, I am watching MSNBC at 4 a.m. (because I don’t have a life) and I see a bumping story about downtown redevelopment in Natchez, Mississippi.  In south Georgia, to Wal-mart or not the Wal-mart is the question. But, Natchez has figuring out a way to pump life back into their central business district.



Since my days as an intern with the Albany Planning Commission, I have always said that smooth lofts above downtown businesses would pull people back to the area and provide a revenue source for small businesses—think exposed bricks, hardwood floors and huge windows.  From Prague to Paris to Thomasville, café culture is too nice.  Retirees should be able to sip coffee in the morning outside downtown right here in sowega.  My town should have a strip of spots that are coffee in the a.m., sandwiches at noon and pints after work.  A brother can’t get a proper bowl of grits downtown today.

Those people in Natchez had a great idea when they started putting several businesses in one place.  I tip my hat to those fighting to redevelop small towns’ central areas.  I want to sit outside downtown and listen to Mr. Jackson from my neighborhood play blues guitar like B.B. King and Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins—and serve my sweet tea in a Mason jar, please.  We aren’t going to be outdone by Mississippi.


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