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Mayor Ron Dellums

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums

The situation with NFL running back Ryan Moats and Dallas Police Office Robert Powell puzzles me.  For background, Moats used his flashing lights as he waited for no traffic then went through a red light as he rushed his wife to see her mother before she died at the hospital.  Powell’s and Moats’ decision-making can not be judged by my untrained mind.  To me, Moats displayed logic during an emotional time and Powell followed general police procedures to secure the passengers in the vehicle.  But, I don’t know; I can’t call it.



 You know my fellows on the corner are saying that another rich superstar (Black or White) might not have the restraint of Moats and another officer (Black or White) might have cuffed young Mrs. Moats as she ignored the officer and went to her dying mother.  Ryan Moats, your mother-in-law can rest-in-peace knowing that you cared about her while she was on this earth and knowing that her daughter is in good hands.  If Officer Powell is fired for following procedures, the procedures need to be clearer. 


The situation between the police and the community in Oakland also puzzles me and again I don’t know the answer.  When I was a congressional staffer, I had much respect for then-Congressman Ron Dellums, Oakland’s current mayor.  When congress had comity instead of comedy, fewer member of congress thought he or she knew everything.  In committee and on the floor, members would often say, “I respectfully defer to the better judgment and knowledge of my dear colleague who is an expert on this issue.”     


With the tense police situations in Dallas and Oakland, I respectfully defer to those with better judgment and knowledge on these matters.  I will say that Mayor Dellums will be fair and honest as he works to address the crisis.  Can you believe the comity of former Texas congressman Tom DeLay (yes, that Tom DeLay) when Dellums retired from congress and his position as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee? 


Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay described Dellums as “…one of the most giving, open and stalwart, a real stalwart man when he was Chairman”

We are losing one of its finest Members, a Member that I have great respect for, because he always did his homework, was so articulate and eloquent on this floor. He always got my attention when he stood up and took the microphone. He would stop every Member in their tracks to hear what he had to say, and there are very few Members that have served in this body that can claim the respect that both sides of the aisle had for the gentleman from California. And the incredible reputation that the gentleman from California has brought to this House; he has elevated this House. He has elevated the distinction of this House by serving here, and this House will greatly miss him when he leaves.




Comity: a friendly social atmosphere; a loose widespread community based on common social institutions.

UPDATE:  I just read about a neo soul artist called Wayna being arrested at the airport in Houston for having a collapsible billy club in her carryon bag.  She uses the baton as a stage prop her song “Billy Club.”  The artist is a University of Maryland grad who worked in the Clinton White House as a writer.  The Billy Club song is over Run DMC’s “King of Rock” with rock guitars… nice.  Neo soul makes the old school proud and hopeful about the future of hip hop.

Bottomline: don’t mess with Texas—Florida or Georgia for that matter.  The president and the Attorney General are Black but in the middle of the night when those blue lights are in your rearview mirror think, “I fought the law and the law won;” be cool and collect information and evidence in case you need to sue—litigation and settlements are American way.  






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