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The new Kotex Commercials are genius because they poke fun at unrealistic marketing.  At some point in our political past, candidates begin hiring Madison Avenue ad-men to flex and bend the mindset of the electorate and they funded this media with money from lobbyists.

We should prep for another election year of ad blitzes with candidates in denim shirts trying to seem folksy or sitting around a pancake house listening to regular salt of the earth people. Oh yeah, the spots with the candidates surrounded by smiling children are obligatory because the children are the future. 

The last good time I was really impressed was an interview with the junior Senator from Illinois.  A reporter asked Obama what he was going to do to solve a complex old problem and BHO said, “I don’t know…there is no easy answer.”  Wow, that was refreshingly real.

So, I want to write a Kotex-style ad for a congressional candidate:

“Hi, I am running for congress and you likely never heard of me because I am not connected or rich nor did I attend a major college with legions of supporters.  I am just a regular guy seeking to improve America by keeping it agonizingly real.

The truth is we as a nation are growing soft and lazy.  We aren’t 10% the people our grandparents were. Many of our children are screwing up at school and don’t think about asking them to do chores.  As those weak kids become young adults, they weaken the workforce and America’s position in the global economy while the developing world blows pass us.  Ironically, the best and brightest among them are in danger in the military or walking across any American street.  That Orman lady is right: we go into debt to buy things to impress people who don’t care about us.  If you want to know the problem, you should look in a mirror. 

The limited role of government is to create a fair and level playing field—giving everyone a chance to compete and achieve.  If you don’t prosper, again mirror.  

I approve this message; I said it, meant it and I am here to represent it.



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