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On CBS’s Big Bang Theory last night, the comedic characters struggled with Jungian issues based in their childhoods.  It occurred to me that Tiger Woods is basically Michael Jackson.  Woods and Jackson both spent their childhoods and early adult lives driving for perfection.  They both became wildly successful, enjoyed great wealth and tried to purchase what could not be bought—lost time. 

Jackson wanted a childhood to replace what he thought he missed.  I remember the Ebony Magazine pictures of their California mansion with a free candy store; my brother and I read those stories before we when out to cut the acre of grass at our house with a push mower.  What did we want for Christmas?  A freaking Snapper. Woods always got a “hood pass” from my friends because he grew up in California around nicer White people than we could imagine in South Georgia.  We had a few nice White people down here and some seriously mean Black folks but my point is that Tiger didn’t need that “up from slavery” edge because he wasn’t. 

Upon further review, that edge could be what is missing with Tiger.  We don’t children to see things that little eyes shouldn’t see (eviction notices, domestic violence, empty kitchen cabinets) but those unfortunate experiences are character-building processes.  My niece called me recently with a dilemma: she could not figure out what to get for Christmas—basically she has everything.  Really?  At first, I told her to donation to some hungry kids but later said that the Barnes & Nobles Nook digital reader would be like her own personal library.  I can’t hate on Michael, Tiger or kids like my niece for having childhoods different than ours. 

What Tiger missed was running the ladies in high school and college since his dad was there to keep him from slipping.  That’s why the Tiger sidedishes all have that MTV Spring Break vibe jumping.  Tiger, I went to MTV Spring Break in Daytona and you did not miss much.  The rush that Tiger experiences when planning his indiscretions must be similar to finessing Bethpage Black—that’s a golf course in New York; not a waitress at Olive Garden.    

The worst case scenario is that Tiger is finish making big money and will live off his current billion.  I appreciate every second I have spent watching him play the most difficult major sport and to think he did all of that on courses where brothers were only welcomed as caddies during my lifetime.  I say “blank” golf and do whatever is right for you and your family.  If we weren’t rushing Tiger onto the PGA Tour for our selfish reasons, he could have stayed at Sanford and enjoy the college experiences we had.   Of course, he could get an ear ring and return to the links with a new set of sponsors.  He did not attend USC but I am thinking “Trojan Man.” Let’s see, where is the most famous USC Trojan these days.  If he called Tiger to offer advice, it will be from his “cell” phone.  

On Capitol Hill, we thought Tiger would be just right for Olympic Gold medallist gymnast and D.C. area native Dominique Dawes.  You can best believe Dawes would have nipped that creeping in the bud; D.C./Maryland sisters don’t play that.  And Michael Jackson should have continued dating Stephanie Mills.

Dominique Dawes


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I want to be the first to say Happy Holidays but how happy can the season be with the constant political bickering and endless campaigning.  Do you mean the 2010 elections and the 2012 presidential race have already started.  Give me a break…literally.  Barring something huge, my blogging for the rest of year will focus on what we can do as a community to mend ourselves with less government spending and involvement—the regular stuff is debated and discussed too much elsewhere on the web and T.V.  It’s covered. 

We are thinking about Obama and Congress every wake hour because the national agenda (jobs, security, job security) is very important but do we think about Sweet Jesus this much?  (I know I don’t and yes, momma, if lightning struck me down, I would bust hell wide open.) 

I just googled “hell wide open” and someone wrote that people should read Luke 6:37: And judge not and ye shall not be judged: and condemn not and ye shall not be condemned.  Wow, that is timely because my moderate friends did not ride Bush 41 or Bush 43 like Clinton was ridden and Obama needs a saddle on his back.  But, the hatred for Hillary Clinton when she was first lady was inexplicable.  Some of those same people realized last year that Hillary was always a quality person but they were too busy hating to see that in the 90s.  In contrast, my friends think Laura Bush is one of the most reasonable people on the right; heaven only knows what drama the last White House would have gotten the nation into without her private counsel.   

I am patiently waiting for President Obama to drop his “community heal thou self” effort.  People who know how to listen heard him say that from the second he stepped on the national stage.  That call can only come from the Obamas, Colin Powell, Dr. Condi Rice, Oprah, Bill Cosby, Spike Lee, and posthumously Arthur Ashe.  Wait a minute, most Black families had that message back in the day and many still do. If those discussions (which are nothing new) started to hit home, they become our own version of conservatism/moderation.  On a lighter note, my buddy told his son that no White man was going to fly all over the world in cold weather to bring him free gifts.  Dude said, “I bought you that stuff with the money I made at work.” 

During Thanksgiving, we broke folks are tempted to say, “why should I be thankful.” A quick ride to the other side of town can quickly put things into perspective or rewatching Roots, Saving Private Ryan, or Schindler’s List.  The new movie Precious might be one for that list also.  When you see people staving in the developing world or watch a person who can’t move below his chest, you should get it.  But, we spend some much money helping those who poison themselves with drugs or who’s health situation is a result of overeating.  I have been to some places in the world where they could not image having enough food to get sick from obesity. When I walk down the street there, people say, “Hello American” as if to say I know you are an American because you have a belly…. congratulations on having some much food.    

For the rest of the year, my blog post might seem more social commentary or community dreaming than political views and insight.  However, the new line of discussions is at the root of my concerns more than what the government can, will or should do.  What was J.F.K.’s most important quote again?

Happy Holidays

Keep it logical

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