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If you know me, you don’t call me during Jeopardy, Lost, 24, and Grey’s Anatomy.  The same is true with CBS’s Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes.  Wynton Maralis’s trumpet fanfare that starts Sunday Morning is the ringtone on my cellphone.  My friends (part Nerds, part roughnecks) say that if you ask a sister what channel is CNN, MSNBC, HGTV or the Travel Channel and she doesn’t know, move on to someone else. I bet she knows Lifetime Movie Network—the “what guys did wrong this time” channel. 

We watch too much T.V. but some programming can be informative and uplifting. A kid being home-schooled in a remote location might receive a quality education from current channels if handled correctly.  That’s it: create the Homeschool Network with four or five channels of the most effective teachers in the nation teaching the three Rs.—old school style and lunch is a Fried “Baloney” Sandwich. (Sorry, First Lady Obama).    

My friend Karen Bogans and I were talking the other day and we wondered if there was a block in America where ten or so families created a home school in the community clubhouse and used the stay-at-home parents as teachers and the working parents taught classes relating to their careers before work, after work, during lunch or on their flex day.  Retirees and military veterans could get a tax-break for sharing their vast knowledge.   That idea seems voucher worthy and shovel-ready.  

Sunday Morning’s story on people around the world and 60 Minutes’ Bloom Box segment are examples of what is right about T.V.




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