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My homie Candy passed yesterday and I think he might have had a bigger influence on the community than most American presidents.  Candy started working at McDonald’s in high school and moved up to manager before making a lateral move to a kids pizza chain.  He hired a ton of local people and started them on a path to gainful employment. 

Bill Cosby wrote a book a few years ago called “Come On People” in which he said many of the pull-yourself up points I want to hear from President Obama and the First Lady.  Mark my words: after the Obamas leave the White House and spent some time with their girls, they are going to have a huge impact on domestic life by writing and speaking freely about how we are messing up and what it would take to “show improve.”  In his book, Cosby wrote that any legal work is good work and that we should notice that no one works at McDonald’s as a entry-level worker forever.  In time, people move up or they take their work skills to other employment.

I am friends with a balling sista I will call MC.  A mutual friend asked me to take her to dinner in D.C. because the friend wasn’t feeling well.  This attractive woman was from Mobile, Alabama, so hanging out with her was like home folks chilling rather than the elitism of her Madison Avenue professional life.  She told me that Duke and Columbia served their educational purposes but most of what she uses in business is rooted in what she learned at McDonald’s in high school. 

Working in fast food or in my case the watermelon fields teaches commitment, teamwork, focus, dedication and the value of a dollar.  Convenience stores did away with full service gas attendants but many hustling young men impressed future employers with their service and attention to details while pumping gas, washing windows and checking the oil.

I went to college with a guy whose father gave him a new BMW with the understanding that he must work to pay the insurance.  Hell, this cat did so well at the chicken place in the mall that he was a manager in his teens and he would likely be CEO today if he didn’t go into a different profession.

Candy’s daddy was like a giant at church and back in the day there was a song about my living shall not be  in vain.  Well, Candy touched a lot of people down here and long into the future his living will be missed.  I love it when President Obama talks about regular Americans doing their parts day-to-day because the key to our economic recovery begins with hardheaded folks learning to listen to their first bosses like Candy. 


my notes from the cosby book


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