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Samuel L Jackson’s movie Lakeview Terrace blew me away last night.  I watched it on Starz on Demand and wonder if a beer summit among friends, neighbors and associates could include watching this film before a discussion on race, the police and community peace. 

We all talk a good game about p.c. stuff and “love thou neighbor” but sometimes the guy next door is just a complete jerk.  Jackson gave a great performance (like Denzel in Training Day) because it is rare for me to cheer when a Black guy gets shot but I was so glad when his character was lifeless on the pavement (not to say I like seeing other people get shot…calm down.)

Maybe there is a difference between being racist and being race-conscious.  To me, race-conscious involves understanding the racial climate around you.  For example, if I go to the Post Office after hours and the only other person getting mail is a non-sista woman, I find myself pausing until she comes out because I know she might have that “I hope he is not going to rob me” look.  Hey, if you live in Dixie, you know the deal.  On the other hand, if I pulled up to the P.O. and a sister was inside with a non-Black guy, would I think she should have been more cautious?  What if he had that bumper sticker “If I knew in was going to be like this, I would have picked my own dam cotton” on his truck.  Who knows, they might have been together.

If you think about it, Americans have a constitutionally protected right to be racist in their personal thoughts and beliefs.  The problems occur when those thoughts become discrimination in actions.  Did Dr. Henry Louis Gates racially profile the White police officer?

Lakeview Terrace also starred Obama supporter Kerry Washington.  Sorry Angelina Jolie, Washington has the best lips in Hollywood and my community acknowledges her right to be involved on and off camera with whomever she wants—it’s a free country…in theory.  Jackson played a real rogue cop with a chip on his shoulder.  I did respect his effort to control the worldly things exposed to his children but he was wrong for slapping the daylights out of his daughter for shake dancing.  Control freaks should avoid being married and having kids. 

Lakeview Terrace is a real teachable moment for many reasons.  



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