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Alvin Greene’s primary win in the South Carolina primary is interesting.  An internet search shows that Greene is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.  Was he a political science or drama major?  Clearly, he is brighter than he is showing.

Speculation is that he is some source of plant and time will tell.  I do know that the voters in South Carolina should pay better attention to candidates and if the list of candidates is not to their liking, they should skip that race and basically vote “none of the above.”   We should do the same in Georgia.

If Rep. Clyburn is correct and shenanigans are involved, this lovely southern state is doing itself an injustice by making politics into a silly game. The personal attacks on candidate for govenor Nikki Haley aren’t coming from southern gentlemen—gentle men is the term.  The two major parties have found that this is the year that regular voters are not taking instructions from them and I am loving it. President Obama’s election signal this coming situation because the party said it was Senator Clinton turn but Obama got the nod.  The people spoke.  WhileObama is my guy, Clinton would be kick tail in the Gulf region.  She is tough.

The Tea Party has more influence in the GOP than their few moderates while independent-minded Democrats have wrestled some of Organized Labor’s tradition power.  Remember, many Obama supporters are new to the game and don’t or won’t follow the rules of cigar-clomping party bosses.  We will see how this wild season turns out but hopefully understanding and reasonable leaders will prevail.  

If Greene was really “between opportunities,” he is crazy like a fox for taking the chance to become an overnight celebrity like those reality stars. However, he should have done it above-board to show respect to the USC Gamecock Nation, his military buddies and his family.

Since the World Cup is in South Africa, I am reminded of Nelson Mandela first trip to America.  Ted Koppel asked him why his organization, the ANC, associated with groups the U.S. government hates.  Mandela said, “Mr. Koppel, a drowning man doesn’t ask which hands pull him from the water.”  If Greene was drowning in debt, we will see if he made a wise move or squandered his 15 minutes by becoming a political pawn.  Senate DeMint’s reelection is happening anyway.


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