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So I was talking with an intelligent African American woman—PHD and minister- the other day when she causally hit me with an ultra-conservative bombshell regarding abstinence, abortion and Planned Parenthood (P.P). 


Basically, she informed me that P.P. was against abstinence so more teens would get pregnant and need more abortions which makes millions of dollars for P.P.   Huh?


I said P.P. supports education on options that include abstinence, protected intimacy and the debatable termination of pregnancy.  But could she believe that P.P. or any reasonable group is against teens refraining from intimacy.  I spend a lot of time listening to views from across the spectrum but this wild view was too much.


So, my concern here is primarily with propaganda (from the left or right)—when groups knowingly create false information, ideas or concepts to mislead the well-intended.  I invited her to write a guest post to explain her views.   



Guest Post from B.V.

Bailout money for Planned Parenthood?

 In a recent debate, I mistakenly described Planned Parenthood as a “for profit organization.”  The reality is that Planned Parenthood is a profiting, non-profit organization that receives nearly 34% of its funding from taxpayer dollars, to the tune of more than $336 million annually. While Planned Parenthood representatives describe the organization as a civic-minded member of a progressive society, the truth is that Planned Parenthood has a capitalist agenda that undermines the interests of youth and families and uses taxpayer dollars to facilitate its lucrative cause.

While for profit and non-profit organizations share in the economic downturn of the century, Planned Parenthood boasts record earnings of $1.014 billion just for 2008. Performing 305,310 abortions on adults and underage girls in 2008, up from the 2006-2007 fiscal year when Planned Parenthood performed 289,570 abortions, the self-proclaimed advocate for women’s rights and family planning is lobbying congress for more taxpayer dollars. Planned Parenthood claimed to turn away as many as 100,000 would be contraceptive and family planning clients last year due a lack of sufficient funding.

When considering whether to include Planned Parenthood on the agenda for taxpayer bailout money, Congress should look closely at the organization’s expenditures. Last year, Planned Parenthood’s California divisions spent $5.1 million to lobby against Proposition 4, also known as Sarah’s Law. Sarah’s Law called for parental notification and a 48-hour waiting period before Planned Parenthood and other abortionists could perform an abortion on an underage girl. The defeated Sarah’s Law, named after a fifteen-year-old girl in Texas who received a botched abortion that cost her life, could have helped to ensure proper medical attention and protect young girls from adult male predators.

According to physician advocates of Proposition 4, if Sarah’s parents had known about her abortion, they could have intervened and Sarah could have received the medical attention needed to save her life instead of dying a lonely, miserable, premature death. Yet, Planned Parenthood rallied vigorously and successfully against Sarah’s law, preferring to forego parental notification and continue to perform tens of thousands of secret abortions on underage girls.

Wendy Wright, spokesperson for Concerned Women for America, asserts, “With Planned Parenthood’s record profits, it is funding a campaign to drum up opposition to abstinence programs and demand more government money. Americans should use Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report to show government officials that as tax dollars given to Planned Parenthood’s increase, so has its number of abortions.”

          Planned Parenthood has had to contend with many lawsuits, including one for $50 million by the family of a 13-year-old girl who, after a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood, was left permanently injured and with parts of the torn apart fetus left inside the girl’s abdomen. At least this girl’s family knew of the abortion and could get her the medical attention needed to save her life.

Unfortunately, neither Sarah’s parents nor other uniformed parents had the chance to save their children’s or grandchildren’s lives.

Planned Parenthood thought it was worth it to turn away tens of thousands of clients for contraceptives and spend $5.1 million dollars, from an already strapped budget, to ensure that all parents in California would remain in the dark about secret abortions on children.

Irrespective of rhetoric, wherever an organization’s money is, their true agenda will be there too.




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