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Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn made a lot of sense on NBC’s Meet the Press this weekend.  I have always considered him the standard for southern moderates who must balance the interests of vastly different groups inside the same political area. 

Regarding President Obama’s position on Iran, Senator Nunn said:

FMR. SEN. SAM NUNN (D-GA):  Well, he said that the regime has been unjust and he has condemned the repression, and he has basically expressed over and over again, including long before the election in the Cairo speech, that the people had the right to be heard and their voice should be heard.  And certainly, I don’t think there’s any mistake whatsoever in the Middle East or anywhere else that President Obama is basically supporting the right of the people to vote and to make their influence known and not to be repressed.

You know, Winston Churchill said a long time ago that no matter how beautiful the strategy, occasionally you have to look at the result.  The result here is that we are not the story.  We have been the great Satan over there for the last 30 years.  We’re not the story.  Freedom, liberty is the story, the repression of the regime is the story.  So I think we’re positioned about right. 


I am feeling that Churchill quote about looking at the results because at the end of the day it is all about results.  The U.S. foreign policy cowboy mentality of telling most of the world what to do as if they are children was wrong and cloaking our corporate greed in foreign policy based on exploitation was also wrong.  Nunn has Obama’s ear and we are lucky for that because Nunn is going to call it like he see it with patience and deliberation.

Party politics was no big thing to Sam Nunn because his dedication was to the people of Georgia first.  The Black community in Georgia should look for the next Sam Nunn type.  Of course, we need to do it like we do it with our own version of conservatism that grows from churches and stable Black homes and businesses because the GOP establishment really doesn’t have a clue about the average Black person. 

Improving Black America starts with real talk about the decisions we make—what you put on your proverbial plate.   After years of having a sizeable Congressional Black Caucus avoid saying publicly that really needs to be said, our community should look into some conservative and moderate options that would get at what ails us.  It is about results and getting the results we voted for last November will require electing some Republicans who will fairly debate policy and spending with the White House. 

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