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I went to the courthouse today to vote and not for actual court—which is a good thing.  The Democratic primary found me voting for the incumbent congressman and was uneventful except for two races.  In the U.S. Senate race, R.J. Hadley got my vote at a political forum this weekend because the guy has worked hard in this Georgia heat that is hotter than fish grease.  In a minor race, I ghost voted because I didn’t know much about any of the candidates.

Michael Thurmond and Johnny Isakson are giants in Georgia politics but Hadley has a bright future in public service.  On facebook, a picture of Hadley at the Democratic National Convention seemed encouraging to me.  He had an optimistic look on his face as the party selected Barrack Obama and he continued that hope for better communications between all Georgians by speaking and taking questions at conservative events—that’s bold.  On the voting machine, Hadley’s first name was Rakiem and old school hip hop fans know the best M.C. ever is Rakim of Eric and Rakim fame—which I took as a sign.  Hadley is a leader in introducing moderate and conservative elements in the kitchen table issues debate in the Democrat Party so a nice showing in this primary is an investment in the political future.  Hey, I saw the Oliver Stone movie “W” last night and Bush (like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama) didn’t win a congressional bid but you know about later.   

 The Alvin Greene situation in South Carolina and Bush v. Gore in Florida tells us to take every vote seriously.  The Ghost Vote technique was employed in one minor race when I wasn’t crazy about any of the candidates.  Skipping that race is better than pulling an Alvin Greene.  “I thought I was voting for Al Greene and ‘Let’s Stay Together’ is the number one smooth jam of all time.’”

Let’s Stay Together my foot—you can’t keep a major political party together when some candidates are allowed to play it safe by skipping major votes and major national events.  R.J. Hadley is an Ivy League educated moderate Democrat who when to the DNC Convention with pride…I wish I had the coin to be there myself.  Georgia has a current Democrat member of congress who is also Ivy League educated and skipped one of the most important events in history to my community.  


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