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I want a second Obama term and a recovered economy is a must for that to happen.  But, I am smart enough to know that other possibilities might occur.  The president could reform what he wants and walk away from the game like running back Jim Brown (President Hillary?).  There is a growing chorus in my community that want him to skip a second term if the “state of the union” hasn’t improved—it hurts to see a good guy get blamed for everything.

Applying to only one college is not wise for high school seniors and only thinking about another Obama term is equally unwise. If someone other than Obama or Hillary is to be the next American president, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is one of the most leveled-headed Republicans in the nation and therefore unlikely to emerge from a GOP primary.  AJC Columnist Cynthia Tucker wrote this week:

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels- the dream presidential candidate of many centrist Republicans – has urged the GOP to “call a truce on the so-called social issues” and concentrate on righting the economy.

Daniels impressed me with reasonable T.V. news interviews that showed he was more interested in improving the country than slamming the other sides.  A century from now political historians will likely think that the GOP blew a golden opportunity to obliterate the far Left because they let the far Right’s hostile nature run the show rather than using Daniels and cooler heads to secure the moderates/centrists who are troubled by far Left spending.

Tucker’s column was primarily about abortion legislation and as a liberal she takes issue with conservatives who are strongly anti-choice yet opposed government programs design to help children living in poor conditions.  Tucker missed one clear point regarding the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) nutrition program.  The program is helpful for our farmers also because it gives them the opportunity to grow more food and make more money.  What happen to the “soft power” concept from the Obama campaign?  By this point, our agriculture industry should be exporting more farming equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and insecticides to developing nations—sowing the seeds of love while growing Georgia’s largest industry.  Give a man a fish he eats for a day…

I hate to be pessimistic but the future will have more people than available jobs.  Will those unemployed folks turn to illegal activities and cost the government billions in prison expense.  We must seriously look into population control and at the same time, abortion rates would be lower if people didn’t get pregnant in the first place.  Ms. Tucker wrote:

It’s no mystery why abortions rates are much lower in Western Europe.  Those countries have adopted public policies that make birth control pills and other contraceptives cheap and widely available.  If we did the same, abortion rates would drop sharply here, as well.  That’s one of those common-sense solutions that social conservatives should embrace.  So far, though, they’d rather keep fighting the same old battles.       



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When President Obama was selecting his cabinet, Georgia had a golden opportunity to have my southwest Georgia congressman as Secretary Agriculture. We are talking ag, the most important industry in our state, and everyone slept on the chance. Everyone except me because I was jumping up and down with my fingers crossed. Oh, I forgot. I have no juice and no one listens to me (juice, an important southern ag product.)

Last night, the leader of the free world gave his blueprint for our efforts in Afghanistan and our attempts to stabilizing that dangerous region and he mentioned agriculture.  I told you so; I told you so.  Ag is vital to our new soft power approach around the world—we still can blow some things up with fire power from the peach state.  We are talking giving a man a fish and teaching him to fish, or better, giving him a seed and bring his family into the legal farming global economy.  Poppy, heroin and cocaine are cash crops in that region and the money funds terrorist operations.  So the U.S. Agriculture Secretary helps sow the seeds of love, beat swords into plows or whatever.  Ag research universities in Athens, Fort Valley, Tuskegee, Tifton and Greensboro could design crop varieties and farm equipment that could indirectly help bring our troops home and create new markets for our agri-business interests.

My father left the farm in Gordon, Georgia, to study ag in Greensboro at North Carolina A&T.  His beloved A&T was the school where 911 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed studied mechanical engineering.  KSM is the same age as Sarah Palin and me so if I went to my father’s alma mater we would have been in the class of 1986 together.  I could have vibed that something was up with dude and we could have avoided the trouble he later masterminded with one good behind-kicking behind the dorm.  Before people trip on A&T because KSM went there, they should know that Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Jesse Jackson, Jr. are graduates as well as Astronaut Ronald McNair, who died the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.

Before you trip on who went to college where, you should watch the movie Santa Fe Trail.  The film reminds us that Robert E. Lee commanded the troops who captured John Brown and that Lee was superintendent at West Point when cadets included JEB Stuart, George Pickett, James Longstreet, Philip Sheridan and George Armstrong Custer.  So, Ronald Reagan played Custer in the movie and I don’t think any of the West Point men portrayed in the film could have imagined a Black Commander in Chief speaking at the Point.

How many member of Obama’s cabinet were governors?  Being governor is bigger than being a U.S. House member if you are not in leadership or a committee chair.  If our state has the opportunity to have a Georgian as ag secretary in the future, Democrats and Republicans must jump quickly.  I should also mention the renewable energy provisions and initiatives in the Farm Bill; efforts that reduce our involvement in the Middle East by developing fuel and power in America.  Ag Sec is one important job because the way to global peace might start with a piece of bread.


Santa Fe Trail

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Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack gets the nod as Obama’s Agriculture Secretary while Colorado Senator Ken Salazar gets Interior Secretary.

Congressman Sanford Bishop of Georgia at Ag would have been good for our state and region because the Obama picks have skipped the South completely. With all of the good appointments selected, should the South and the Congressional Black Caucus feel slighted…snubbed…dissed.

Selecting Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as the head of Homeland Security is the only nod to a person from a state that McCain won. What happen to that “we are not the red states of America or the blue states of America, we are the United States of America” stuff because this cabinet seems like the opening volley in a new Civil War. Is the President-elect planning to replace Defense Secrtary Gates with former Senator Sam Nunn after a year? The South is being treated like a red-headed stepchild.


What a messed-up day: Bishop won’t be ag sec and 1300 jobs are gone as the Copper Tire Plant closes in Albany, Georgia.  Readers of this blog know that I was begging south Georgia Blacks to acknowledge that Saxby would be and should be the senator and that time and energy spent supporting Jim Martin for senate should have been used campaigning to keep our tire plant.


It just occurred to me that the hardcore Democrats on the Obama Transition Team shot down Bishop for Ag Sec because Georgia went for McCain/Palin in the general election and the Chambliss-Martin runoff results are a black eye.  During the nomination press conference, an Iowa reporter asked Obama why Vilsack was cabinet material all of a sudden.  I am having a hard time remember the last Georgian in a White House cabinet…Attorney General Griffin Bell, 1979 in think….Colin Powell when to Ranger School in Fort Benning……this is messed-up.


Vilsack Joins Obama Team as Secretary of Agriculture


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Secretary of Agriculture Sanford Bishop?


Word is that Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop is being vetted for Agriculture Secretary.  That move would be great because agriculture is Georgia’s leading industry and Bishop would do a fine job. 


I was concerned that the Obama’s cabinet did not included people from the South.  Would Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue appoint a replacement or would a special election be held.


Let’s make this happen. 

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This transition period is better than Fantasy Football because President-Elect Obama is sincerely committed to bridging the partisan divide.  What happens with Senator Clinton or Governor Richardson as Secretary of State makes me wonder if there will a position available in the cabinet for Richardson above his previous status?


Hopefully, a Georgian will be the Agriculture Secretary and the natural selection would be Congressman Sanford Bishop but what about Senator Chambliss if he comes up short in his senate runoff.  We must remember that ag policy is more regional than partisan and does Saxby want to be in the minority in the Senate.  The farmers, ranchers, producers and ag community respects him so Ag Sec might be a good fit.  


Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue would appoint a Republican to replace Bishop in the House if he was the pick and I can’t think of a viable African American GOPer here in southwest Georgia who could hold that seat in two years…Dylan Glenn, Deborah Honeycutt or Herman Cain moves to Columbus?  One thing is certain: the GOP needs to get some moderate congressional candidates in districts that are over 20% African American or stop wasting time, resources and energy. 

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