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Local elections have statewide and national consequences because they echo the word on the street to the statehouse and the White House.  To me, we are experiencing a disconnect in Georgia because the conservatives who run state government do so with little input from rural Blacks.  Yea, Atlanta and the other cities have urban legislators run down the urban agenda but who speaks for the relatively moderate to conservative rural Blacks who conservative lawmakers are forced to ignore by that far Right (Tea Party) segment of the Republican Party.


It’s good seeing young Black conservative Democrat (not an oxymoron) blogger Keith McCants running for local office in middle Georgia.  Folks like Keith because he is down to earth and to me improving our community will start when leaders like him explain the limit role of government in a compassionate way to the people.  His blog Peanut Politics is a must read and Keith has the right ideas for bringing some of the rural South back to the Democrat Party.  Hell, southern moderates should come back since they have been ceremoniously kicked out of the GOP by the Tea Party/”purity test” crowd.  For those who don’t know the GOP has a recent history of creating a list of 10 or so questions for their faithful and if you aren’t with them on a few, don’t let the door knob hit you….




Don’t sleep, Saxby is “retiring” from the U.S. Senate because he doesn’t like the constant threats for dialoging with Obama and the Democrats.  The next target is on Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  I am convinced that former Senator Bob Dole was right when he said that President Ronald Reagan and he wouldn’t pass the current GOP purity test.


What do good people do when crazy people in their organization start going off?  They get up and leave because sitting quietly is condoning the ugliness.  Keith has bunch of old political pictures and posters on his blog and I give him a hard time because we know that every pre-Jimmy Carter elected official in our state was basically a segregationist.


Today, we have the new segregationists who divide the South based on political parties.  But, I am puzzled by Democrats in general and Black Dems in particular who don’t question local officials about the outlandish spitefulness coming from their supporters on the other side of town.  See, a servant can’t have two masters.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

While looking for that quote, I came across someone’s Bible references to it.   http://www.padfield.com/1997/goodmen.html


Voters should ask candidates for local offices the following questions during the campaign season.

  1. When they said Barrack Obama was born in Kenya, what did you think and what did you say?
  2. When they falsely label Rep. Sanford Bishop as a crook, what did you say or think since you have dealt with him for years and know him to be good people?
  3. Do you think Georgia’s version of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws should be repealed?  Was George Zimmerman profiling Trayvon Martin?
  4. Is “Stop and Frisk” a good police procedure?
  5. Is Michelle Obama a great role model?
  6. Were you against your area receiving stimulus money from the federal government?
  7. Are you bold enough to tell citizens that the government isn’t their daddy?
  8. Do you support the Tea Party movement?  Do you support the Occupy movement?

Wow, writing those questions was fun in a naughty way because some issues involve one level of government primarily.  But, I get a little squeamish when hanging with people from the far left or far right.  I love being cool with people from the entire political spectrum because dialog and communication are vital.


You know what, we are talking about a double standard because moderate Democrats support conservative lawmakers regarding important regional issues but conservative voters rarely give love to Blue Dog Democrats.  Be like that and maybe your Dems friends will be ghost when you need them on the legislative floor.


In my local elections, we have some quality candidates but I need to know what they did or didn’t when those around them privately were saying horrible things.  That s— isn’t cool because people had gotten so pumped up that they were talking about hurting the president’s family.  You never never go there…I don’t care who the president is or was.  Yea, ugliness echoes and good people can’t sit idly by.

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Elected officials and public employees have official responsibilities and also have unofficial duties.  These duties aren’t on paper but are sometimes as important as the items on the official job descriptions.  For example, Hillary Clinton would have been and still will be a fine president; she knows presidential stuff as well as Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and the second George Bush did on the day they were sworn into office.


But, there was something special about Obama becoming president; something related to healing.  Also, my community needed to have someone who looks like them in office so he could once and for all tell them that a person who is like you isn’t going to give you everything.  Obama said that from the first day of his campaign and people get it now.


Those unofficial duties therefore explaining the limited role of government to hardhead people who only listen to people from their circle.  In my hometown, we recently had an issue with flooding.  A city councilman was on the local T.V. news broadcast saying that the city government wasn’t the problem with certain flooding.  Water wasn’t flowing properly because locals were tossing bottles and trash into ditches and that debris clogged the pipes.  I love it; dude basically said, “The problem is you.”  We need more of that.


While it might sound racial, I want more Black clean cut guys in lower grades teaching positions because some kids don’t see positive brothers during their development.  Non-Black students need to see that also because they’re formulating their opinions of us on rap videos and the fools on the Maury Povich Show.  If I had Oprah/Bill Gates type money, I would give a grant or supplement to Black male teachers in lower grades.  Hey, two students at my black college told me that Senator Saxby Chambliss’ wife was one of the sweetest and most loving people in their lives.  Seeing her at school was the high point of their day and a positive light in an otherwise tough childhood.


Hillary Clinton is going to be president and little girls can be proud of the fact that women make the world go around.  If I had my choice, I would still like to see Republican Jon Huntsman in the White House one day because part of his unofficial duties would be being a conservative who isn’t angry and dismissive. He drives the far right crazies more crazy with his cool approach.  I am uniquely qualified to say vote for the right person in the right situation because I am a moderate Democrat who has voted for both of Georgia’s current U.S. Senators a few times.  I voted for them because they support the economic engines of this region: agriculture and the military.


Of course, it’s not cool for reasonable members of a group to remain quiet as other members of that group say ugly things about others.  I wouldn’t be quiet if someone was talking about all White people being this or that when I know that isn’t true.  That would be ugly by association.  What about those rich kids who had “the help” as second mothers but who grow up to say the ugliness things about all of “those people.”


I tell you what, I am not voting for anyone who doesn’t have a comfort level and functioning relationship with people in every community.  Coni Rice, Jon Huntsman, Colin Powell, Rep. Sanford Bishop and Rep, Jack Kingston come to mind as public servants who can dialog with anyone—disagree without being disagreeable.  The most important unofficial duty might be the ability to reasonably explain public policy to those who disagree with you.


America is at it’s worst when supporters of a public official dare him or her to talk with the other side.  People who don’t make much money and people who have had it rough (by their own creation) are still Americans.  Any person, political parties or group that wants to suppress their voting are un-American to me.  This whole blog post isn’t race-based because the last time I checked most of the people in my community have as much affection for the presidential service of Bill Clinton as for Barrack Obama.  As quiet as it is kept, that southerner White dude knows more about these piney woods in Georgia than any president other than James Earl Carter.


With unofficial duties in mind, Michelle Nunn and Karen Handel get a certain amount of consideration for U.S. Senate because they have that lady logic working.  Yes, the Georgia congressional delegation needs a woman’s touch and I would look seriously at a sista from the GOP running for the U.S. House.  Sisters in my community are now and have always been relatively conservative and they know that our community has become too reliant on the government.  It’s a shame that the Tea Party will force Handel to act hardcore to win their primary.  Rep. Jack Kingston is in that senate primary and that cat will talk with anyone anywhere because that is part of his official duties.


Unofficial duties include telling it like it “tiz.” If you don’t know that that adage, you might not be ready to represent both sides of the tracks down here.

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It’s time for my annual “consider yourselves told” blog post for southern conservatives. For years now, I have been patiently waiting for someone or some group on the right to ask how to do better in my community. My simply solutions would start with an overview of “The Art of War” because the first rule should be to study and learn the ways of the other side. Anyway, I have been writing the same points for years and should have gotten paid from my insight but that’s life. For the record, this discourse is the 2013 version of the same old same old.

Acknowledgement: America would be a better place if people would live the way conservatives wanted. A Bible based clean life would be perfect: no kids until three years into a marriage, zero cocktails, no sagging pants, do any legal employment to provide for self and family.

Problem: In a free society, people have the right to do as they please. It would be grand if all Americans follow their doctor’s recommendations on diet and exercise but that isn’t happening nor are people listening to sound life advice in other aspects of life.
Resulting Problem: So, a person is free to live anyway he or she chooses but if problems result from life choices, they gently fall in the governmental safety net. While that seems fair, we are finding more people who dive in the net from jump street and working people get the bill.

When Liberals are so wrong: Yea, a nation that ensures that all of her citizens have decent homes and decent meals sounds great. But, that would be socialism. In a democracy, the state creates a climate or situation where everyone has an opportunity to work hard, focus, plan and thrive. If your plan doesn’t work, you must keep trying while admitting that you made your lumpy bed.

Conservative Force vs. Moderate Compel: My conservative friends often see everyone else as child who must be told what to do. Say what? They make public policy decisions without general input and their source of knowledge comes from those in their inner circles. Some people have termed this the “donor class” because it’s the conservatives who donate to candidates and causes—in a bubble. They wanted to force their Solomon type decisions on the nation as a whole and regular folks simply laugh. (Remember, some of their approaches make perfect sense but their delivery techniques are appalling.)

On the other hand, moderates take the views of all sides into consideration before crafting logical policy. For example, the “lockem up” crime policies of the past produced macho campaign ads but the astronomical cost of the criminal justice system made even conservatives go back to the drawing board. Some of that money should have been used for education and training to put young people on the right path. Hell, I still think Newt Gingrich’s 1990s idea of giving clean living 21 year olds a $5,000 check was interesting because thug activities cost seven times that amount at least.

Bible Based: There must be a special hot pit in hell for those who twist the Bible to justify whatever provides them increase. I could list a zillion parts of the Bible that the Right uses and another zillion that the Left uses. But, I personally think Jesus of the Beatitudes speech wouldn’t want to see hungry people.

However, First Timothy 5: 8 says “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” Translation: A good dad would take that job flipping burgers.

Proverbs 12:11 He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding. Translation: Thank a farmer and a rancher in your dinner prayer tonight.

Second Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. Translation: The work requirement provisions of the Food Stamp selection of the Farm Bill weren’t written by Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky but by Paul who use to be Saul of Tarsus.

Fat On Food Stamps: First, food stamps or temporary food assistance helps needy families and helps American farmers by providing additional markets. The “let them starve” mentality doesn’t seem as compassionate as President Reagan or the second President Bush. While starving, the health care cost would be billions and where were these folks when people were trying to fund programs that taught family planning and control. One conservative guy in Florida said that birth control was a grapefruit between the knees—keep those legs closed.

Conservatives don’t know that working Americans are also ticked off by the idea that their tax dollars are paying for someone to get fat on a futon while playing Madden all day or watching Maury Povich. Then, folks use the emergency room as a doctors’ office. My farm bill would provide temporary healthy food aid—no greasy foods . Healthcare reform should have provided a doctor for everyone and the doctor should state clear goals, objectives and consequences. “Sir, you are 100 pounds overweight and you have one year to get under 200 pounds. After that year, there will be no more free health assistance for chubby you. You will thank me in a few years or your family will be picking out hymns for your service.”

Nasty, Just Plain Old Nasty: In the above mention “donor class” of conservatives, you have people who love the vitriol of Fox News and talk radio. I should mention the young staffers and politicos who were sheltered as kids—home schooled, far Right Church, detest everyone and anyone not like them. Again, they are not very Jesus-like and they should stop demonizing folks who have fallen on hard times….there but for the grace of God…..

When the ugliest parts of the conservative movement say things design to fire up their ranks, reasonable conservatives shouldn’t remain quiet. Moderates aren’t quiet when that junk comes from the far Left or far Right.

Voter Suppression: The new nasty is a rehashing of the old nasty: let’s make voting hard. That’s not funny and shame on every conservative who supporters efforts to limit Americans from voting. The voter fraud junk is hogwash and they grin about it behind closed doors. If you can’t win an election fair and square, you shouldn’t resort to shady options. In June, I jumped though so many hoops to renew my driver’s license before I realized that the ultimate goal of conservatives in the state capitol was discouraging me to vote.
Joseph from the Bible: That guy Joseph was done dirty by his brothers but in Genesis 50, 20-21 it says “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. Now therefore fear ye not: I will nourish you, and your little ones. And he comforted them, and spake kindly unto them.”

We are all southern brothers at the end of the day. I can’t understand voter suppression from the far Right nor can I understand the glamorization of thug living in my community. If anyone thinks the answer is governing the South without input from every section of the community, they have another thought coming. Some people voted for Obama while others voted against ugliness.

The struggle will continue after President Obama exits for Hawaii and candidate Clinton is my kind of tough lady. Yea, the voter turnout won’t be what it was in the past. I actually think it could be higher because people are getting hip to the dirty game.

Zimmerman: When Travon Martin was shot in Florida, George Zimmerman seemed surprised by all the heat coming down on him. He was right in being dumbfounded because he was functioning in a manner sanctioned by Florida state law. People across the country should be mad at themselves for not keeping at better eye on local, state and federal governments. Under the Stand Your Ground Laws, I could fire on a bald White kid running toward me in the parking lot at the store because I have a little concern about skinheads that I occasionally saw in D.C. But, that kid could just be someone with a cheap haircut (like mine) or an actual skinhead jogging to his car. I still don’t want to kill him.

The bottomline is that every American adult should try to vote so that the state legislature will be populated with officials who listen to everyone and who make well-thought out laws. Election results indicate that many Americans voted for President Obama then walked out of the polling booth. We must vote in every contest-from President to dog catcher in Ty, Ty, Georgia.

And we should vote smart. If the GOP is running your region, vote in the Republican primary for the candidate most like you. That action would be the cool move and it would make the far Right crazy mad.

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That Hillary Clinton is sitting in the catbird seat.  She will be serving the nation in or out of office— directly or indirectly.  We know that she has first dibs on the next Democratic nomination because she is overqualified to be president and took one for the team by being gracious in defeat.  Secondly, the juggernaut of two Clintons and two Obamas will be a campaign force of epic proportions.

But check this out: the Dem Team will “clear the field” for her.  In other words, no other candidates enter the primary and she saves the energy and resources that might be used.  The 2012 GOP presidential results might have been different if Romney didn’t stand on the stage with that cast of characters and didn’t have to fight for the far right vote during the primary—so thanks.  If the GOP cleared the field for hipper congressional candidates, they would have a foothold with the Middle.  But, they let Tea Party cats win primaries and those guys are D.O.A. in November. 

On Meet the Press this weekend, they said that polls indicate that Clinton would get 62% of the Republican women vote—“ouch”, game, set, match.  My conservative friends call it identity politics but Hillary and Obama are super without regard to that stuff.  Yes, I would have voted for the Colin Powell or Condi Rice for president.

I see the indirect benefit of Hillary 2016 as this: if the GOP has any hope, they must court the middle and/or the rest of America.  They policies must reflect the interest of the nation wider and not just their circle.  And for that, Hillary will be helping the game while chilling, doing daily zumba and not lifting a finger.  How many times have we told the right that they need to create and cultivate a division similar to the Dem’s Blue Dogs.  But, the hardheaded never learn.  Hillary is going the beat them like a drum.


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I could do more for the future of young Americans with this blog post than Obama and Romney combined.  The central concept is live a simple life.  With secondary regard for whom is or isn’t president, folks need to develop their faith, eat right and exercise, grow their career and minimize lust for material things.

Obama is the key—Michelle Obama.  The first lady’s personal history is the story of a Chi-town girl who got her homework, focused in class and honored her parents with her actions.  As we would say back in the day, I like how she “carried herself.”  We spend billions of state, local and federal governmental dollars addressing personal problems that some Americans went out of their way to create.  They should have been living the simple life. 

Last week, a country song came on the truck radio called “Alright” and it was all about enjoying a basic existence.  I don’t want to get side tracked about how country music is really blue-eyed blues, and rock and roll is blue-eyed soul which was stolen. 

Anyway, I searched the net for the song and it is actually by Darius Rucker, the brother who turned to country after fronting the pop/rock group Hottie and the Blowfish.  Peace, love and happiness to Brother Rucker and his song is similar to the rural vibe of many tunes in that genre.  As quiet as it is kept, my favorite cd of all time is Lynrd Skynyrd greatest hit compilation called “Gold and Platinum.”  Rucker’s song feels like Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” and both songs seem to be based on what you tell kids at home and at church. 

On that same cd is the mellow cut “Comin Home.”  It’s all about missing being at home.  While cities are nice to visit, living 10 to 15 miles from an urban area is cool to me.  As more rural Americans move away from direct involvement with agriculture, opportunities persist in food inspection, processing and distribution.  When people grow weary of the congested North and the struggling Rust Belt, they should consider Georgia other than Atlanta (someone needs to pick up that city and shake it until some of those people fall out.) 

Bottonline: if you live a simple life, you can limit drama, stress and strain.

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President Obama’s presidency would have been better if he had a congress interested in dialog and compromise.  Without doubt, we are looking at one of the worst congresses in modern history.  Obama plan to have a healthy line of communication with the House and Senate and central to that plan was talks with conservatives like current GOP VP selection Paul Ryan.

The ugly part of the conservative movement wouldn’t let Ryan or any GOP members of Congress debate issues and seek solutions with the president.  Oh yeah, the ugly part has grown in the body of that party like a cancer.  As a party, Democrats are weak in the South but well-intended while Republicans are strong but hell-bent on running the nation without input from anyone outside their shrinking tent.

If they had listened to former RNC chairman Michael Steele, things would be different.  Steele and reasonable conservatives (who were moderate in their temperament) wanted to court those of us in the political center.  However, the Tea Party’s nature took them in another direction.  Understand, all conservatives share the same fiscal and size of government views but temperament is the key. 

The temperament of most southern conservatives will not allow them to select congressional candidates in primaries who will appeal to moderates in the general election.  Representative John Barrow of Augusta, Georgia,  is the last White Democrat in the House of Representatives from the deep South.  The GOP has been after him for years and to be honest, a moderate conservative Black candidate would have taken that seat.  Oh, I forgot that there are no GOP moderates since the Tea Party purge their ranks.

Rep. John Barrow listening

In the 12th congressional district primary, businessman Rick Allen lost to state Rep. Lee Anderson.  Allen has civic and social connections with non-Republicans in the Augusta area but that meant nothing to primary voters.  They wanted someone just like them and they got a candidate who refuses to debate Harvard-educated Barrow.   Democrats in Georgia that are looking for some action should get involved in the Barrow campaign because we can’t become a one race party in the South; we would be bogus.  Okay, I tossed in “bogus” because I was listened to MC Hammer yesterday and thought politics when he said “your party is bogus..yo, it ain’t legit” on the rap classic “Let’s Get It Started.”  Hammer could have been talking about Romney and the post Michael Steele RNC with their 47% nonsense.  

Let’s Get It Started had a sample from Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” and that is what is going to happen to GOP congressional candidates until they develop a moderate wing.  Hammer can be in a blog post about Augusta politics because brother James Brown is from that area and Hammer clearly bites from the Godfather of Soul’s beats and dance moves.  When America was on fire after the MLK assassination, Brown cooled things down.

We should get “Get Out The Vote” started for Barrow and Obama in that part of Georgia.  Barrow and the Blue Dogs bring moderate to conservative views to the Democrat table.

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Candidate Romney should have listened to the song “Pop Life” by Prince before making his 47% statement last spring.  He could have spent two days in south Georgia listening to Rep. Austin Scott and two more days learning from me on the front porch—but more about that later.

“What’s the matter with your life…is proverty bringing you down.”  Prince is actually a rather conservative music star and his patriotism and logic comes out in his lyrics.  In “Pop Life,”  Prince sang, “everybody can’t be on top…life, it ain’t real funky unless it’s got that pop.”  There it is; that is what I have been waiting to hear from some leader for three decades.  America doesn’t guarantee a great life to everyone but (as Newt Gingrich said when he was Speaker of the House) everyone should have the opportunity to learn in a quality school, train as an adult and build wealth overtime through hard work and smart living.   Yes, we should have temporary help but don’t plan on life-long government assistance.

Everyone can’t be middle class and those who find themselves in a lower-income bracket likely arrived there because of personal decisions, playing in school and simply being out hustled by the real go-getters.  I am not a real go-getter and most classmates from 16 years of formal education drove harder for the good life– congrats to them on their success.  I know who to blame for my thin wallet—the guy in the mirror.   Attending a high school football game today is difficult for me because I am concern with the fact that some of the kids in the crowd are prepping for the state penn rather than Penn State.   Their music doesn’t have the substance of Prince or early rappers.

My wallet would be crazy fat if conservatives asked me how to create a segment in their movement that would attract the sensible center but they are too busy loving on the angry far-Right.  During then congressional candidate Austin Scott’s effort to unseat Blue Dog Dem Jim Marshall, I saw Scott and RNC chair Michael Steele get off a bus together.  I knew that the Dems would be in trouble if the Scott, Steele, Jon Huntsman, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and similar minds crafted a message high on issues and solutions and low on name calling and fear tactics.   That development never happened and President Obama has the lion share of us in the middle.

Yeah, my man Prince wrote the daylights out of Pop Life with lines like “..is the Mailman jerking you around…did he put your million dollar check in someone else’s box.”  While Prince was talking about the sweepstakes, people in my community put too much hope in the lottery and wishing that their sons will make the NBA.  Once and for all, if your son spent as much time and effort in school work as he does bouncing a ball, he could be so rich that he had money offshore like Romney.   Plus, most former NBA players are destitute six years after leaving the league.


Austin Scott seems like Barack Obama during his first congressional bid.  He played the smooth role and stayed fiscal in his concerns about Democrats–avoiding the birther nonsense.  Do you think the GOP spent much time studying his blueprint for defeating a moderate Democrat?  Nope.

Well, I am not one to want anyone to wallow in ignorance.  When they get ready to learn how to approach reasonable people reasonably, my flat wallet and I will be right here.

Pop Life  By Prince 

What’s the matter with your life
Is the poverty bringing u down?
Is the mailman jerking u round?
Did he put your million dollar check
In someone elses box?

Tell me, what’s the matter with your world
Was it a boy when u wanted a girl? (boy when u wanted a girl)
Don’t u know straight hair aint got no curl (no curl)
Life it aint real funky
Unless it’s got that pop
Dig it

Pop life
Everybody needs a thrill
Pop life
We all got a space 2 fill
Pop life
Everybody can’t be on top
But life it aint real funky
Unless it’s got that pop
Dig it

Tell me, what’s that underneath your hair?
Is there anybody living there? (anybody living there)
U can’t get over, if u say u just don’t care (don’t care)
Show me a boy who stays in school
And I’ll show u a boy aware!
Dig it

Pop life
Everybody needs a thrill
Pop life
We all got a space 2 fill
Pop life
Everybody can’t be on top
But life it aint real funky
Unless it’s got that pop
Dig it

What u putting in your nose?
Is that where all your money goes (is that where your money goes)
The river of addiction flows
U think it’s hot, but there wont be no water
When the fire blows
Dig it

Pop life
Everybody needs a thrill
Pop life
We all got a space 2 fill
Pop life
Everybody wants to be on top
But life it aint real funky
Unless it’s got that pop
Dig it

Pop life
Everybody needs a thrill
Pop life
We all got a space 2 fill
Pop life
Everybody can’t be on top
But life it aint real funky
Unless it’s got that pop
Dig it

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Team Obama and Team Romney need to understand that we simply refuse to have this election decided without more input and involvement from the South.  Yes, North Carolina and Florida are swing states but most of the South is being bypassed because Dixie is supposedly solid red. It seems that our donations to fund swing state campaign ads are more important that our votes—hell “haw.”

Let’s do this: keep our campaign money here in the rural areas and use that money to get out the vote (GOTV).  These two campaigns might spend two billion dollars on TV ad wars and the real winners will be the professional campaign industry.  President Obama once sat weekly in Congressional Black Caucus meetings with Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop and I think that seeing SDB’s approach to moderate service benefited candidate Obama in 2008.  In 2010, Bishop had a formable GOP opponent and they went toe to toe in a media war; I watched cable TV the last few weeks because I was sick of slick campaign ads.  In the end, Bishop won because national conservatives and the Tea Party hit so hard that we got defensive and resorted old school GOTV methods to help the incumbent. If the Tea Party and the bitter national groups had stayed out of that election, the GOP would have taken that seat so thanks. 

Looking at that 2008 congressional race would help Obama and Romney prep for rural battles.  Clearly, the current plan is to have both official presidential campaigns be nice and above the fray while outside groups do any dirty work.  The positive dirty work would be a door to door, house to house, hood to hood effort to get everyone properly prepared to vote.  It is a low down dirty shame that some on the Right want to limited voter participation—you’ll are better than that.  We should counter by making sure that everyone knows the deadlines, rules and regulations for registration and voting.

To be honest, the GOP can never reach a point where 100% of the Black vote in the South is assumed Democrats.  If they do, their attitude and policies would be even more punitive.  Peace and blessing to brothers and sistas on the conservative side because 25% or more of Black southerners are actually conservatives but won’t join a party with a section that is dam near confederate.  The black conservative blog Booker Rising has a nice questionnaire in it’s margins and if my family members took it they would discover that they are more moderate than liberal.  Of course, the rural south GOP allows talk radio to work them into a mean frenzy so their gatherings are more salt than pepper.

We should start now and maximize our voter participation.  If we put 10% of the time and interest we put into football into getting everyone voting, we will ensure that our voice are heard.  Hey, we could combine the two; GOTV rallies in the form of old school parties after high school and college football games.   Yeah, we need to say among ourselves what the national campaigns can’t or won’t say and young  Dem conservative Keith McCants from Peanut Politics should be leading the effort.



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I am voting for President Obama in November and Newt Gingrich in March. Obama supporters in conservative states with open primaries should know that giving the president Newt as a target is as important as their general election vote.  Every Mitt Romney associated super PAC T.V. ad regarding Newt’s negatives actually reinforces my contentions.   The reasons Democrats should vote for Newt jump out at you:

Clean cut Romney: That Mitt Romney reminds me of a guy from a soap opera star.  He actually is a nice person with a super family so there is little motivation to vote against him for personal reasons while Newt gets our blood boiling.  “Obama is a food stamp president.”  “Poor kids should work at school.”  A longer GOP primary gives Newt time to rough up Romney. 

Plan B: While we want to see a second Obama term, we must explore options.  To me, Romney is pro-big business but Gingrich would inadvertently improve regular folks’ lives.  The government doesn’t really care about babying grown people nor should it.  With Newt in the White House, everyone would be compelled to step their game up because the safety net would be thin.  Plus, I am tired of watching Obama fight the good fight alone.

Michelle vs. Callista: Quick, name five Black women who are more important that Michelle Obama in the history of this nation.  Better yet, name five women of any color.  The sista is special and I can’t imagine replacing her with Mrs. Gingrich.  Mrs. Obama vs. Mrs. Gingrich would drive millions to the polls for Obama.

Homeboy Newt: Newt knows the South.  If someone other than Obama must be president it should be a Georgian.  As quiet as it is kept, Newt has a great record of supporting African American conservatives.  When I worked on the Hill, a sista was Newt’s Chief of Staff and Newt is constantly cultivating the next generation of Black conservatives.    

Tick off the GOP: The Republicans are purists that only want conservatives voting in their primaries (except Ron Paul.)  Democrats voting in their primary would drive them crazy and distort their statistical analysis.  Actually, open primary better reflect a cross section of the electorate.  

Summary: we need to educate voters on their options.  If you live in an open primary state, voting for Newt is something to consider.

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People get and give insults in the South all day every day.  If you have thin skin, you should move.  These insults come to mind.

The Michael Basiden Show’s list “8 Reasons Black Women Should Date White Men: First, Black Women should date whoever makes them happy and treats them well.  But, the list from Basiden’s show ticked me off because I don’t think the desired traits are rare among my friends. I did like the list’s view on our community’s glorification of thug life.


Obama vs. Cain: I once worked at the U.S. Congress across the hall from Rep. John Conyers’s office and he had a young bright chief of staff named Julian Epstein.  At my Black college homecoming last weekend, many old classmates asked my opinion of the Herman Cain presidential candidacy and I told them that Obama vs. Cain was great for several different reasons from several different angles. I am insulted by Black people who think the Black electorate isn’t intelligent and crafty enough to vote for Cain in the open primary states if they want to see him faceoff with Obama.

While watching Fox News yesterday (yes, I watch Fox News sometimes), Julian Epstein let the cat out of the bag by saying that Democrats aren’t behind the recent Cain drama because smart Democrats want Cain to be the G.O.P nominee.  Epstein then seriously said that Democrats would donate to Cain’s campaign.  As we say in the South, Julian should “hush” because he is telling family business in the streets but he is so right.

Cain is to Obama as LBJ was to Kennedy: Yes, I can insult my political friends by stating that crass LBJ passed bills that smooth Kennedy didn’t get to before his tragic departure.  Those Kennedy boys were no match for the Dixiecrats but old Lyndon knew how to fight fire with fire.  LBJ said that he was insulted when a lifelong Black employee of his family would drive from Texas to the White House and if she need to use the bathroom in route, she had to squat in the woods. 

Obama is my favorite president but possibly too nice to turn the nation around.  He is too nice with the loyal opposition and he is too nice with his base regarding personal responsibility.  If you read the 8 reasons Black women should date White men, you will see that the president and the first lady could say more about their development and growth relative to teaching the next generation of all colors.  If Obama won’t get brass, Cain certainly would and that might be the answer.

Herman Cain, Bill Clinton and Thomas Gipson:  I worked at Albany State University with old school southern gentleman Thomas Gipson..God rest his soul.  Mr. Gipson, like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, had knowledge and wisdom for you everyday but he got a pass or was grandfathered on political correctness.  Gip said that the university’s harassment policies were nonsense and that he would never stop complimenting lovely women. 

Bill Clinton, one of my three favorite presidents, insulted me with that whole Monica mess as did Bush 43 with weapons of mass destruction.  If I gave Clinton and Bush passes, Herman Cain gets one also.  If people from Albany, Georgia, want to know what Cain likely said, they should remember Thomas Gipson and know that what was once tradition is now litigation.

In summary, “yes we can.”  We can reelect President Obama.  We can elect a Georgian as president if not Obama.  We can better position ourselves to enhance the lives of Black women.  We can understand if said women find happiness elsewhere.  We can understand that no candidate is perfect and neither are we.  We can use insults as positive dialog starters.   

We can put on that Sade’s remake of Timmy Thomas’s 1972 classic “Why Can’t We Live Together,” sit back and explain to Cain’s supporters why they are alienating the massive political center.  You can’t win the White House without the center.

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When looking at presidential possibilities, two questions should come to a voter’s mind: who do you want to be president and who ensures that the other team’s guy isn’t president.  As a centrist Democrat, I want Obama and if someone from the other side became president with a snap of my fingers, it would be Jon Huntsman.  Note: I don’t have magic fingers.

From my standpoint, the nuttiest GOP candidate would help make Obama a second term president and hardhead far Right conservatives are careening down that path.  Thanks.   Gov. Mitt Romney is presidential and decent enough to centrists and that is the reason the GOP doesn’t want to pick him. 

The GOP candidates who could easily take the White House are Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain.  Really.  Huntsman is a GOP version of President Obama and therefore is polling two points above Ron Artest and me.

If Herman Cain gets all of the conservative voters in November 2012, he goes over the top with your mamma’s vote.  Some older Blacks quietly feel that President Obama, a wonderful person, isn’t scarred and hard enough to hang in the rough and tumble world of politics.  It’s painful from them to see such a nice young man get punched day in and day out.  “Lord, get that fellow out of there before his heart grows dark like Jimmy Carter.”  Others feel that the nation doesn’t deserve Obama and I understand their point.

If we look at Herman Cain, we see someone who is self-made, older and rich—old rich dudes can cut loose because they are already paid. Cain is a southerner and a Morehouse product.  He can say anything he wants but down inside Cain is a Baptist brother from the dirty South.  Obama was raised in nice places by nice people but Cain and every Black son of the old South is seasoned and hard on some level. I can’t believe that Cain recently said that he is American first, Black second and conservative third.  

If Cain adjusted his message a bit by getting Shay and some of the other Black moderates and conservatives who write on the Booker Rising blog in his ear, he should secure 20% of the Black vote—half from those who want him in the White House and half from those who want Obama bashing to end.  Hell, the First Lady might vote for Cain because she is tired of folks dumping on her man.

How do you balance a Cain ticket with Obama-like smoothness, public executive experience and international knowledge?  Cain/Huntsman sounds mighty interesting.   Black Georgians should vote in the GOP primary with this post in mind.

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For me, being an uncle is an important role and we should all know our roles.  Avuncular is an adjective that means “of or pertaining to an uncle.”  Uncles and aunts serve as part-time parents like the Parents Reserves—one weekend a month and two weeks per year.

A kid may hangout with good old uncle Teddy for a short period of time and then it’s back to the parents because Sports Center or Jeopardy is on the box.

History buffs know that the term Uncle Sam came from meat-producer Samuel Wilson who provided barrels of processed meat to our troops during the War of 1812.  That aid is the source of the term pork barrel spending.

An uncle shouldn’t take the place of parents and young people should never have kids with plans for mama, daddy, uncle, aunt or Uncle Sam to provide long-term support.    

Readers of this blog know that Uncle Teddy welcomed the Obama campaign and presidency in part to hear the Obamas/Robinsons cut loose on their methods for family success: education, hard work, hose to the grin stone, eyes on the prize, and avoiding toxic people.  I am still waiting for them to speak frankly but I can tell that the First Lady is going to write one important book on the subject after they exit the White House.  She is going to tell us what is really wrong with us in her opinion and she will be so very right. 

Uncle Sam isn’t your daddy.  Uncles can help create nurturing environments but uncles and aunts cannot do for you what you must do for yourself.  The late, great Bernie Mack took in his sister’s kids but that guy was rich.  Most uncles and aunts aren’t rich and neither is Uncle Sam.

The Obama Administration (the current Uncle Sam) should explain the national debt to regular Americans and employ the JFK statement about “what you can do for your country.”  You should have kids after age 25 with someone with a proven income who is emotionally-developed.  You should focus on a career path in school.  You should honor the fight for freedom by staying out of jail.  

I might be eccentric Uncle Teddy in my family because “there is no-telling what Uncle Teddy might say next.”  But time will tell that “unc” or auntie say what the parents didn’t or wouldn’t.

To me, Rev. Jeremiah Wright was Obama’s uncle and the White House’s message would be better if he was around.  Yes, the old guy said some wild things but all old guys do that—they earned the right as combat vets.  When the old guys who drink coffee at McDonald’s ask me if I am my father’s “boy,” there is no need to trip. 

But, Rev. Wright’s directives to Black America are rooted in the self-determination mentality that existed before the welfare state.  Rev. Wright is actually as conservative as Rev. Herman Cain and could sit and listen to a discussion between them for hours.

Uncles will praise your accomplishments but we will grind you up when you mess up.  It will take the uncles and aunts in my community “reading” the youth if our futures are going to be better.  Man, my Aunt Della could get you told  for “old and new” with a quickness.  I am keeping the family tradition.    

Aunt Della

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The HistoryMakers oral history videos on Rep. Sanford Bishop and Howard University Medical School professor Dr. LaSalle Leffall reminded me of the road Black America has travelled.  This history series, which chronicles the “struggle,” provides useful insight on those shoulders we are standing.  A young person watching these stories should feel guilt-ridden if they aren’t striving for great things.


The leaders of the past often came from Black elite families that stress education and achievement.  Dr. LaSalle’s librarian mother in Quincy, Florida, encouraged a kid to become a doctor and that kid is currently Dr. Willie Adams, the mayor of Albany, Georgia. 

Where do we go next in Black leadership?  I personally want to see more leaders with less than perfect upbrings like Barrack Obama because the traditional Black elite might actually be detached from the average American working families.  While former congressman Harold Ford, Jr. is a glaring exception, we need an emergence of Black and White leaders with hardscrabble pasts like Senator Scott Brown or Speaker John Boehner or entrepreneurial skills like Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed.  Reed is confronting the city’s budget situation in a manner rarely seen in Democrat politicians during the past few decades.  President Obama met with Reed and other mayors to tell them that federal money for cities would be less and Reed went to work on budgetary hard choices. 

Some people can’t understand that the Black community in America turned to the federal government when state and local governments treated us anyway they wanted…badly.  We must now realize that the next step in the struggle starts with simply remembering the drive, purpose, determination and achievement of the history makers.  It always seemed that Dr. King wanted each individual to stride individually rather than waiting for a leader who could be cut down—one way or another.

I was always taught to respect my elders and those who have done so much in the past; I put their many good deeds on the scale.   With that in mind, we transitioning from Zell Miller and Sanford Bishop to the next phase of southern leadership.  In his oral statements for HistoryMakers, Bishop said that Miller often talked about a turtle being on a fence post and that one thing was certain—he didn’t get there on his own.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a history professor, pushed for an America where every child has an opportunity to achieve.  If that child squandered that opportunity, that’s life and the government can’t ensure a certain quality of life for everyone.  We are in a democratic and not a socialist state.  Dr. Bill Cosby says the same thing.

Every American community would be better if leaders talked plain and told regular folks what the real deal is.  The next generation of history makers will contain polished children of the Black elite but also regular folks who are sick and tired of being sick and tired; folks who have always known that your success or failure ultimately being and ends with you.   At the same time, we must have compassion for suffering children.  The 60 Minutes segment on homeless kids broke my heart.

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If you watch CBS’s Sunday Morning this week, you might have caught Ben Stein tripping about Barrack Obama running for president in 2012…as a Republican.  Barrack Obama, Ernest Hemingway and Arthur Ashe are the coolest cats ever in my opinion but watching the president catch all this heat is rough. 

Stein was joking but readers of this blog know that I have always thought that Obama raised moderate to conservative as was the First Lady.  He didn’t get really liberal until college or maybe Chi-town.  If he ran as a Republican, I would have voted for him and the same can be said about presidential candidates Condi Rice and Colin Powell.  I want an Obama second term but if a GOPer became the next president it would be cool to have Georgian Newt Gingrich so he could make me head of the National Endowment for the Arts for the two months before he cut their funding. 

Bill Clinton has been such a great former president with his global initiative and I hope that President Obama does the same with domestic issues and social understanding for his presidency.  I don’t want to hear from my conservative friends who would say that sounds great and could start in two years rather than six years.  I can wait.    


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Solving the pressing family crisis in our community could start with some simple solutions.  President Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope, Hill Harper’s books “Letters to a Young Brother” and “Letters to a Young Sister,” and Bill Cosby and Alvin Poussaint’s “Come On People” all contain a central theme on the family.  To me, the theme was be careful when and with whom you start a family. 

President Obama and Hill Harper were classmates at Harvard Law and both seem to emphasize waiting until the early twenties at least before making huge life decisions—like 23 years old.  Of course, young people start college, training at technical schools, serving in the military and building careers before that age.  But, I wish they would train, study and work by day and worship, chill and enjoy life at night and on the weekends while being very deliberate about life-altering actions like parenthood and crime. 

The difference between 16 years old and 23 years ago is vast.  While working in a community service program with young mothers, I quickly learned that most of the moms wished they would have waited to better know themselves and the guys with whom they were dealing before having a child.  Most of my students later discovered that the dudes themselves didn’t really know who they were at the time.  If you like to party, you should get partying out of your system before dramatically affecting you life and those around you.

My friends and I are constantly puzzled by young people who were raised under difficult conditions who put themselves in the same conditions.  Of course, that young person’s parents often shoulder the burden of caring for the teen mom’s baby at a time when grandmothers should be enjoying relief after struggling for almost two decades and getting their money straight. 

We know that medical science, diet and exercise could give young people today the opportunity to live 20 years longer than their grandparents.  So, what is the rush to be a parent?  Hill Harper wrote that many young women are looking for love from guys or want a baby to love.  But, careful life-planning and love for the unborn child should have them delay parenthood until conditions are better—never perfect but better. 

Governmental resources are scarce and taxpayers are understandably ticked about entitlement spending.  While some loved the general idea of an Obama presidency, I was crazy about Obama speaking to young people about being careful with life choices in a manner similar to the decision-making of President Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Cosby, Hill Harper and countless others who could teach these life skills and back them with proven actions.

I say young people should study, work and have fun while they are maturing and please listen to older people around you—they have been where you are heading and you can learn from their personal histories. 

The Audacity of Hope: Barrack Obama

p. 255 In other words, African American understand that culture matters but that culture is shaped by circumstance.  We know that many in the inner city are trapped by their own self destructive behaviors but those behaviors are not innate.  And because of that knowledge, the black community remains convinced that of America finds its will to do so, then circumstance for those trapped in the inner city can be changed, individuals attitudes among the poor will change in kind, and the damage can gradually be undone, if not for this generation then at least for the next.

Such wisdom might help us move beyond ideological bickering and serve as the basis of a renewed effort to tackle the problem of inner city poverty.  We could begin by acknowledging that perhaps the single biggest thing we could do to reduce such poverty is to encourage teenage girls to finish high school and avoid having children out of wedlock.  In this effort, school and community based programs that have a proven track record of reducing teen pregnancy need to be expanded, but parents, clergy and community leaders also need to speak out more consistently on this issue.

p. 245 Then there’s the collapse of the two-parent black household, a phenomenon that is occurring at such an alarming rate when compared to the rest of American society that what was once a difference in degree has become a difference in kind.  A phenomenon that reflects casualness toward sex and child rearing among black men that renders black children more vulnerable – and for which there is simply no excuse.

p. 347 I didn’t have a prepared text, but I took as my theme “what it takes to be a full-growth man.”  I suggested that it was time that men in general and black men in particular put away their excuses for not being there for their families.  I reminded the men in the audience that being a father meant more than bearing a child; that even those of us who were physically present in the home are often emotionally absent; that precisely because many of us didn’t have fathers in the house we have to redouble our efforts to break the cycle; and that if we want to pass on high expectations to our children, we have to have higher expectations for ourselves.   

My notes from the Cosby Book: Come On People


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The last few weeks of a year are times for reflection and preparation.  I am personally battle-weary from politics and yearning for a 2011 that focuses more on positive public policy and better leadership.  Our southern heritage should push us toward a mindset based on personal choices, decisions and consequences rather than waiting for the government to solve our problems and issues.  We need fewer self-generated problems and issues.

I want to hear more from Obama next year…FLOTUS Michelle Obama.  Mrs. Obama wrote a wonderful letter to Black women in September’s issue of Essence Magazine (okay I was too busy watching college football to read Essence cover to cover like normal until now.)  The First Lady might be the most moderate person in the president’s inner circle and if working families modeled themselves after families of old like hers, we would be much better as a nation.  Those Robinsons were clearly determined people who were going to have something in this life and who watched how they “carried themselves.”

In another part of the same Essence issue, a quote from the First Lady’s speech at a D.C. high school graduation stated, “If you want a life free from drama, then you can’t hang out with people who thrive on drama.”  I generally admire all the first ladies of my adult life but this one has the opportunity to reduce federal spending if the hardheaded would take heed to what she should be saying. 

A great Christmas gift is a subscription to Essence magazine for our youth—boys and girls.  If a guy spends time reading about these type women and their vibe, he would have a more rounded development.  Hey, you can give Essence via the net using your airline rewards programs with a few clicks of the mouse.  We could be better in the future or actually reverse past gains.  The Chinese are fully focused while many American kids are getting softer by the day.  It’s time for frank, wise people to step up and tell the needed yet painful truth. 

Hey, it’s Christmas and the homies are returning from the war zone in good health; which is all I want for Christmas.  I hope young people spend time during the holidays listening to positive family members like military veterans, sage uncles/aunts and the treasured seniors.  We could have better days if we worked at it.

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What in the world could get Obama supporters voting this election season?  Watching Fox Cable News for one hour.  That’s it; I have done it again and gratis I unfortunately add. 

The word unbeknownst comes up in conversational English rarely but many southerners work with people who “unbeknownst” to their neighbors are being brainwashed by the Rightwing media.  We aren’t talking about extremists or separatists; I am referring to average hardworking Americans who have been whipped into a frenzy by a constant dosage of well-crafted propaganda designed to pit Americans against Americans and drive T.V. and radio ratings.  Dig this: the ultimate goal isn’t necessarily winning elections.  The goal is getting gold..staying paid.

The propaganda is rooted in truth but amplified to a dangerous level.  For example, we all had radical phases in college but had to back off that “knowledge and wisdom” before we went too far.  Too much Public Enemy would make you slap someone and like get shot with a deer rifle.  (Flava Fav is dating whom again…and Ice Cube is America’s dad.)  

On the morning after the talent rich Atlanta Braves ended another season without a championship, the talent rich Democrats wonder why we can’t win when obviously helping hard-working people weather a rough economic storm.  It’s because Fox Cable News has twisted voters’ minds so well.  Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are collectively the anti-Christ or something.  Those people at Fox know what they are doing and they are very good at it. 

If you voted for Obama/Biden, you should have someone ducttape you to a chair that is out of arms’reach from the remote control and watch the national Fox cable channel for one hour.  The methods and ugliness of that channel will close the enthusiasm gap with a quickness and make you vote.  If not, you are doing the president wrong by voting for him but being ghost when the heavy lifting starts; he can’t do it alone.  The cats on Fox News are smart people and they know deep inside that Obama isn’t the things they are saying.  To be fair, MSNBC is fast becoming a Left version of Fox so turn to CNN and toss the remote out of the window.  

For the college kids, watching Fox News could be a new drinking game; take a shot every time you say “Say what” “Dam” or “Nasty.”  The Tea Party type Republicans aren’t your daddy’s GOP and as freshmen members of congress they would commandeer that party like the inmates running the asylum.

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5 min.Early vote

Grown folks knew what is happening was going to happen when we elected President Obama.  They said that the same people who cheered and jumped up and down would be the same people who did vote in the midterm elections. 

I can see it in the First Lady’s face; a face that looks like mine.  She is telling him, “remember when I said you can run only with the understanding that if it doesn’t work, if the nation doesn’t want or appreciate us….we walk away.”  She looks like she is thinking, “we don’t need this mess.” 

Oh, do we need them. We need her to cut loose and tough talk with regular Americans about what we can do to improve our situation with the moderation, planning, focus and deliberation that made the Robinson family successful. 

She could create a new moderation that opens the door for moderates being shown the door by the far right.  The emergence of these new moderates gives a voice to those who read Hill Harper, Bill Cosby and Joe Scarborough books. The Blue Dogs were correct all along and that’s why the crafty cats on the far Right want them gone; no moderate Democrats mean the Democrat Party is primary liberal and an easier target in 2012. 

But, first things first: vote in the midterm.  In Georgia, a 2010 vote is more important than your 2008 vote.  A very vocal and energetic segment of population has ginned up voters with a desire to take over the congress from the Democrats and even the Republicans.  Yes, the far Right section of conservative side is looking at the regular Republicans as if to say “this is how you do it” and you know what they do if you are over 40 years old.

Grown folks, we need to talk.  After we talk, we need to call, email, text, tweet or whatever whose under 30 and tell them (not ask them) to vote.  The Republicans have a few quality guys who might be president in the future—Rep. Paul Ryan and Governor Mitch Daniels come to mind.  But, this midterm election is the  next step in the Palin for president plan and her Tea Party congressional candidates will be spending the next two years graying the rest of Obama’s hair with subpoenas and impeachment efforts.

We shouldn’t hate on those who use “any means necessary” to stop an agenda they dislike because they couldn’t do it if regular folks would take 10 minutes to early vote.  By any means necessary (cookout, Sunday dinner, half-time talk at the high school football games), we should remind our community to vote.  Early vote or the Obama presidency effectively ends early–not four years but two years when he should have eight.

You might as well dust off your 70s vinyl because we are about to go back to the future next month if you we don’t vote.  I am listening to that haunting R&B flute with fond memories of the past but also clear recollections of our community being voiceless and the South being a powder keg.  By mid November, reasonable people will be saying “I want my country back”  when referring to last month.

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I was in a discussion this weekend about the worst-case scenarios for election night in November; the situations and outcomes that should have been debated and considered now. 

Lately, the GOP in Georgia has been taking heat in my community because African American (AA) candidates Dr. Deborah Honeycutt and Melvin Everson couldn’t make it out of their primaries; the GOP voters spoke and the message bounced from GA to DC. 

Former Governor Roy Barnes, who beat a field that included long-time Attorney General Thurbert Baker, heads the Democrat big ticket.  The Black community supported Barnes for governor over African American Baker because they thought he had the best chance of winning.  Frankly, a Black president and a Black governor at the same time just weren’t going to happen in the Deep South.

Barnes’ strategy seems to center on adding White moderates to the Dem base.  But courting the center requires running from President Obama and national Democrats.  Once again, the base gets taken for granted.  Barnes and conservative Democrat Jim  Marshall are slamming Obama’s health care reform with a risky passion but hey, what can the AA voters do since they won’t vote for the GOP candidate? The wild card in the race is Libertarian John Monds who is a Morehouse Man and Omega Psi Phi just might get enough votes to tip the election. 

The big Dem ticket includes AA candidates Michael Thurmond, U.S. Senate; Darryl Hicks, Secretary of Labor; and Georganna Sinkfield, Secretary of State.  While I think every candidate runs to win, my friends feel these candidates real value is to get out the Black vote and to help Roy Barnes secure the Governorship. 

We must read the signs…literally.  If you see a campaign yard sign for the GOP candidate for governor, you also see a cluster of other GOP signs.  The same situation is true on the Dem side in my community.  On the other side of town in areas of people who don’t look like me, you see Barnes signs and that’s it. 

In other words, the White support Barnes will receive could only be for Barnes, the White and Black congressional Blue Dogs and that’s it.  Is it every man for himself?  The Dem ticket is D.O.A. without new voters who love President Obama and we are noticing the slighting he is receiving from his team. 

That slighting seems to justify the vigorous campaign for Sanford Bishop’s seat.  Okay, let me get this right: one of the most conservative Black members of Congress gets the biggest target.  Mind you, Rep. Jim Marshall’s district was won by John McCain in 2008 and Austin Scott, the GOP candidate against Marshall, has a functional relationship with Blacks in his district and Blacks in the state legislature.  Bishop must be flattered because the GOP really wants to remove a moderate CBC member so that the CBC will be as liberal as possible as they prep for 2012.  The GOP is good at being bad. Dam good.  Marshall isn’t catching the heat that some Blue Dogs are experiencing because he remembers Polonius’ speech from Hamlet—To thy ownself be true- and he votes “no” on major Dem legislation before bragging about it back home.  They must think real Democrats won’t notice. 

The worst-case scenario would be that all of the big ticket Blacks will end up having a bad election night while Marshall and Barnes win.  If the governor’s race goes into a runoff, you can best believe my community would not come back out.  Barnes is a smart guy and has time to adjust his approach.  I am going to need President Obama himself to personal explain why we should care about Marshall. 

Another worst-case scenario would be far Right conservatives taking over the congress; people who have little involvement or past interaction with folks different than them.  On Meet the Press today, David Gregory played an old clip of Rudy Giuliani talking about the big tent that is the GOP and their numerous moderates.  When asked if that was still the case, Giuliani didn’t have much to say.  Rep. Jack Kingston under congress as a firebrand in the early 1990s but the tide as changed so much that GOP Rep. Bob Inglis of South Carolina, who lost to a Tea Party candidate, rightly points out that Kingston is now one of the only the voices of reason in South congressional politics. 

On the bright side, President Obama’s White House might be pulled toward the center after election night or maybe before.

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Cliff Claiborne on Cheers and Daymon Wayans’ character on In Living Color were the best conspiracy theorists in T.V. history.  Daymon could have a field day on First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain. 

“See, my brother..the plan was put in place hundreds of years ago. Ergo, we were brought to the shores in the hulls of ships..you see..but Kunta Kente never forgot his Islamic roots and held Kizzie up to the east at midnight…understand…because the Moors, who occupied Spain for years but it’s not in the (His)tory text books, prayed to the east as the descendants of Abraham’s other son.”

“But the Knights Templar didn’t decode the messages in the Moorish-Spanish tiles that HGTV recommends be added as an exotic touch to suburban kitchens.  Unbeknownst to the untrained eye, a couple meets in Chicago and starts the reign of power planted as a seed years ago.  So, what seems like a touristy jaunt to Espana for paella is actually fulfillment of the circle..hear me.  As dynasties collide, the future leader of the free world goes to read and decipher those Moorish tiles and stymie the House of Bush’s alliance with the House of Saudi…Harvard v. Yale…and we are mere pawns in a globe chess match that has lasted ages…and stay mindful of  recent new beginnings in the House of Little Rock. ”

That was a fun exercise while waiting for the runoff polls to close in Georgia.  But, some nuts out there would actually believe this mambo jumbo.  As we approach the midterm elections, common sense is the best guide to “decipher” the agendas of those in the political arena.  At the end of the day, people should do what is right for them and arrive at logical conclusions with their regions and wallets in mind. 

Black folks can read it in the First Lady’s eyes: she has had it with fake smiles, life in the fish bowl and people slamming her good man.  The “Blame Bush” approach is not consistent with Obama natural style and his White House team needs some adjusting.  I say let Mrs. Obama be herself on the trail this Fall because she has a low tolerance for ignorance and self-pity.  Dr. Condi Rice is really a moderate and Mrs. Obama is really moderate to conservative from the “Do-for-self” school of thought.  She is the best conservative in the White House but consevatives are too busy tripping to see it.

As a side note, ABC had a show called “Life on Mars” than I watched because Lisa Bonet had a small role.  Brothers from the 80s still support the women from the Cosby Show and A Different World—as Ludadcris said, even Rudy Huxtable is all grownup and a Spelman Delta.  If you didn’t grow up where and when I did, you couldn’t imagine the feelings of seeing a real Huxtable family in the White House.  Then again, I can imagine what some friends think is the ultimate plans for a new world order. 

On the finale of Life on Mars, it was revealed that the main character was dreaming during an Earth to Mars flight in 2035.  Upon awakening, the astronauts were told that President Obama wanted to be in the control room but her father was ill so she and her sister went to Chicago.  Moorish tiles?  Who did she beat?  Senator Prescott Bush or Mr. Clinton R. Mezvinsky.

Life On Mars/Obama at 1:45

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