In government and politics, there has always been an establishment that meets privately and decides matters and sets directions.  Said establishment (E) then has their installed elected so-called leaders execute and codify into law and policy their decisions.  It’s like they are puppet masters and the ultimate goal is controlling the area for power and money.  Often times, the leader is a seemingly nice person.

It’s a Wonderful Life:  This classic holiday movie actually is a good way to explain the E to young people.  George Bailey was set to attend college and travel the world but the family’s savings and loan provided homeownership to working people.  Mr. Potter and the E were in a constant battle with the Bailey family because they were helping people come up.  When Potter saw an opportunity he “came for” George Bailey and nearly destroyed him.  An angel showed George how much good he had done for the town by showing him what the area would have been like without him.  When the townspeople realized George was in trouble, the outpouring of support was exceptional.

Obama: Democrats love them some Bill Clinton; he was a great president.  The party establishment decided that it was Hillary Clinton’s turn to be president.  However, the people were feeling the junior senator from Illinois.  Barack Obama had a message of change—a departure from the status quo.  To many voters, the E selecting Hillary Clinton without their input brought thoughts of a plantation mentality—we will decide for you and you will like it.  The people revolted and history was made.

Firestone Plant in Albany: As quiet as it is kept, Firestone had a South Georgia community committee involved in the site selection of their new plant.  This plant brought hundreds of good-paying jobs to the region but the E in most south Georgia towns gave Firestone the cold shoulder.  Why?  The establishment was made of farmers who require labor to pick their crops.  Their response to Firestone was “if you pay poor people this much money, who is going to pick my crops…go away.”

USDA Pickford case: The U.S. Department of Agriculture for decades had a three person county committee that decide who received federal farm loans.  Of course, the E controlled the committees and poor Black farmers couldn’t get ahead without the same support other farmers were experiencing.  Black farmers were losing family farmland while the E smirked all the way to the bank.  In farming, when you need money to plant, fertilize or harvest, you need it now.  After the failure of those farms, E members would buy those farms and hire the original owner to work it for him.  That situation sounds like sharecropping and the USDA paid minority farmers $2.3 billion to right their actions.  But, many  voters continue to blindly support the E.  They must want the crumbs from the table after the E feast.



Django Unchained:  While fictional, the movie Django Unchained gives two interesting examples of dealing with the E.  Django learned the bounty hunting business from a fair man but they encounter Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Stephen, on a plantation.  Stephen would spy on other workers and do anything to keep his status with the E.

Understanding/Solutions : What the Establishment doesn’t understand is that a rising tide lifts all boats—it’s not us vs. them.  It’s all of us vs. failure.  The voices and concerns of the Establishment have always been heard and that wouldn’t  change.  However, all voices need to be heard because people aren’t invisible.  People almost make themselves invisible when they don’t vote—the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Keep watchful eyes for those doing the bidding of the E.  The Establishment seems cowardly as they throw rocks and hide their hands.  The E will “come for” anyone they can’t control or anyone who questions their actions.  Evidentially, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Sanford Bishop are all con artists and swindlers.  We know better.


Is it fair to ask a candidate how they voted for another office?  Should you ask them if they are Republican or Democrat if they are running in a non-partisan election?

Personally, I say yes.  Local elected officials are representatives to state and federal governments and officials; they tell other officials what the people are saying.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party has been commandeered by the far Right Tea Party Movement and the first thing they tell their officials is “you don’t need to speak with those who oppose us.”

Wait a second, once candidates become elected officials, they should communicate with everyone to explain their decisions and opinions.  Democrats generally do it.

So, people hate President Obama, say ugly thinks about him and his wife then dare local elected officials to do business with the Obama Administration.  Some mayors and city councilmen don’t want federal grant money because it’s from Obama or was from the Clinton Administration.   They need to get ready for another Clinton Administration.

Folks laugh about questioning Obama’s birthplace and even his religion and local elected officials stand there and smile.  That’s wrong.  I am Democrat but I am quick to walk away from a liberal nut who thinks President Bush had prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks.

Check this: former Representative Jack Kingston got cool points for taking questions in forums at Savannah State University from liberal students.  However, Jack playfully laughed when asked if candidate Obama was from the U.S.A.   Later, Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed was the Georgia point person for getting federal funds to deepen the Port of Savannah, a project that meant countless jobs to our region.  I think Reed took the lead because Obama staffers didn’t want to hear from Savannah congressman Kingston after the birther mess.

Today, Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation.  Yesterday, he was meeting with the Pope and today he is gone.  Boehner is a real dude and must have been overwhelmed by the love of the Holy See.  Mr. Speaker must have told himself that he wanted no more of the Tea Party’s ugly influence on the Republican Party.

So, Rep. Sanford Bishop has done right by American farmers since day one because agriculture is Georgia’s number one industry.  When the Tea Party came for Bishop with lies and made-up silliness, many local elected officials and ag leaders stood by smirking.  We are talking about the same people who were constantly asking Bishop for this and that.

Speaker Boehner came to Albany, Georgia, and had a private meeting at Doublegate Country Club.  You know Boehner tried to tell those knuckleheads that they could beat Bishop fair and square on fiscal issues but attacking a good man’s character was messed up.  The Republican establishment doesn’t control the Tea Party, Fox News or talk radio.  Those nasty attacks made us circle the wagons around Bishop and he won that election by the thinness of margins.

So, for stake of full disclosure, I have voted for Obama twice, Rep. Bishop every time after he beat Charles Hatcher, and a couple of Republicans in the GOP primary because there are no Dem primaries anymore.

Also, like many Black Democrats in Atlanta, I often vote for Senator Isakson because he is a good Georgian.  Sometimes, we need reasonable members on the other team telling fools to shut up.

When these local candidates come around smiling, asked them if they voted for Obama, Bishop, Scott, Romney, Mccain or whoever.  It’s funny how they get votes from Obama supporters but later hang with people who would like to see the worst happen to the president.  I never wanted anything horrible to happen to a president and those who do are sick.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:15-20.

Matthew 7:15-20

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?  17 So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit.  18 A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.  19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  20 Thus you will know them by their fruits.


Look, I am not saying some candidates are evil but they are sometimes around questionable people and say nothing.  Senator John McCain was campaigning for president and an old lady got the mic and said Obama was a Arab.  She didn’t even get the right part of the world.  McCain took the mic back from her and said no madam, no madam…I don’t agree with him on issues but he is a good man.

What about asking candidates how they feel about the Black Lives Matter Movement?  I think that could have been called Black Lives Matter Also.

Questions in general about the confederate flag seem unfair but questions about displaying that flag on city grounds are fair in my opinion.

Carlton Fletcher’s Albany Herald column about two Albanys got me thinking about two Sylvesters, two Camillas, two DCs and two Bulldog nations.  Fletcher is one of Albany State’s first non-minority football players which would actually make him a majority player at a minority school—look the dude came from Ocilla to Albany because he wanted an education and he loved playing sports.

This blog loves Fletcher because he keeps it real.  The guy once wrote about the term “bus left” from our childhood.  He is a bridge-builder and you know this blog has a metaphorical bridge as a logo.  In a recent article, Fletcher talked about the Albany downtown where he works and the northwest Albany/part Lee County where others live and spend.  This situation makes me think about the Police’s song “One World Is Enough For All of Us” in which Sting sang “we can’t sink while others float because we are all in the same big boat.”


People now make money in Albany then cross Ledo Road (literally Lee Dougherty line) to eat, shop and sleep away from….you know.  It’s sometimes called White flight but there is a lot of Blacks doing the same.  Hey, you can’t blame someone from running from rough stats about the inter-city but I happen to love downtown areas more than strips of national food chains with little character. The solution for downtown Albany will come when hundreds of college students, Marines and young professionals actually live in lofts downtown….high ceilings, exposed bricks, old wooden floors, walk home after partying.  When I was an intern in the downtown development office, I told them that in 1988 but it never happened.



Small towns like Sylvester have been traditionally separated by a train track and if you came up on the wrong side of that track, you might want to catch a train heading anywhere else.  In 1981, there was a movie called “The Night the Lights When out in Georgia” and at the end, Kristy McNichol’s character said, “I am not sure where I am going but I am in a hurry to get there.”

I was never in a hurry to get out of Sylvester, the town that turned the swimming pool into a tennis court to keep us from swimming.  I have been playing tennis on those courts for 40 years…so there.  With all the ugliness in the world, the calmness of the hometown sounds pretty good and with high speed internet, many professionals can do their jobs from anywhere.  Forrest Gump brought his money home and so should others.  Donald Trump is right in stating that we don’t make anything in America anymore and the Sylvester of my youth was about making crops and textiles.  To me, current Sylvester is a bedroom community of Tifton and Albany and that’s fine.

The Mayor of Sylvester is Bill Yearta and he sat in my den (under the framed pictures of my daddy and President Obama) and politely listened to every gripe I had about Sylvester dating back to that swimming pool drama.  Yearta took that heat for hours like current congressman Sanford Bishop and former congressman Jack Kingston like taking heat from people who they know aren’t going to vote for them.

I didn’t vote for Yearta but he gain tons of respect for listening to my explanation…hell, he should be a congressman.  Elected officials and public servants execute their official duties but they have unofficial roles that some don’t understand.  Does Bill Yearta do a good job on his official administrative oversight duties?  Yes, he is likely the best mayor in this town’s history in that regard.  Unofficially, you sometimes need a mayor who can encourage the citizens in aspects of life that aren’t directly about government i.e. pull up your pants, get off the corners, congrats on being a clean-cut kid, let’s not refight the Civil War.

Another old friend ran against Yearta twice and I jokingly called him the unofficial mayor of south Sylvester because he was a tireless advocate for this side of the tracks.  I was wrong for that because there is one Sylvester and Bill Yearta is the properly elected mayor.  There is one America and Obama is the president.  Some folks don’t seem to know that.


When I was in DC, delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton pointed out that Washington policemen and firefighters were living in Virginia and Maryland.  While they have a right to live where they want, having public safety personnel on your street is like having a police or fire sub station there.  There are two DCs and the big DC is controlled by Blacks.  One group making decisions without input from everyone is wrong.

Bulldog Nations

While this blog post is too long, I want to finish by remembering the divide created when Hershel Walker left the University of Georgia for the USFL’s New Jersey Generals.  How could Hershel do that to us?  I had my room assignment in Creswell Hall and looked forward to being a junior transfer student about to experience winning a national championship as a sports fan.  But, Bulldog Nation got so ugly when that young man decided that he wanted to secure his family’s financial future by turning pro.  Black folks understood because Stanford stadium seems like a plantation and I looked side-eye when Walker said, “I can carry the ball a bunch of times a game….it ain’t heavy”  Really?

We should remember that Walker’s exit was arranged by Donald Trump, the owner of the New Jersey Generals.  Trump burnt Georgia like Sherman.  While watching a recent PBS documentary on General William Tecumseh Sherman, I learned that the general who burned Atlanta became friends with several Confederate generals.  Southern General Joseph E. Johnston was a pallbearer at Sherman’s funeral.  The UGA family loves Hershel today; he is one of the school’s favorite graduates but can those people vote for Trump after he cost us a second national championship.

Summary: From politics to football back to politics, a house divided cannot stand.  I use to think Abraham Lincoln wrote that before the Civil War but when I started reading the Bible more I learned Mark 3:25 says “And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”  Elected officials should seek to bring people together and find reasonable solutions rather than inadvertently dividing us.

Comin’ Home

You know Georgia is open for business—always has been.  Remember, during the roughest parts of the Civil Rights Movement, Black and White leaders in Atlanta would quietly meet and resolved issues with money and economic development in mind.  Refighting the Civil War seems like fun to some until they realize that new industry doesn’t want to locate in a place with social disorder.

Atlanta’s Lewis Grizzard wrote that once he got back to Georgia he was going to nail his feet to the ground.  Brother, I have been there and it usually involved a messed up stomach in the developing world.  You don’t miss ole Georgia until you are somewhere else.  When altitude sickness had my head spinning in Manta, Ecuador, I thought about Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Coming Home.”  Yea, those confederate flag-loving southern rockers are my homeboys too. Their “Gold & Platinum” greatest hit cd is one of my all-time favorites behind Thriller, the Police’s Synchronicity and the Gentler Side of John Coltrane.

Problem-solvers listen to all sides of the issue and seek a common ground.  Listen.  Who knew that in Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd sang “in Birmingham, they loved the governor…boo boo boo.”  So this Florida band was booing George Wallace….well, dam.

Anyway south Georgia is open for business and all those classmates who had successful careers elsewhere can retire to the warmth of the southern sun.  Luke Bryan can romanticize in song about south Georgia and we do ride in trucks but the next generation seems a little aimless at times.  Rather than talking about them, let’s talk with them because they could be heading backwards.

At the end of the day, I hope candidates for local, state and national offices read and take something positive from this blog’s Best Interest Initiative.  Those nine blog post are deep.


My political predictions for the near future are simple and clear:

Joe Biden: I don’t know if Vice President Biden will run for president but Hillary Clinton needs him to run—hear me out.  Junior Senator Barrack Obama got into a serious fight for the nomination with Clinton.  The battle sharpen the skills of both candidates.  Many voters felt that young Obama wasn’t ready to be leader of the free world; he had not put in the required time on the national stage.  But, the primary battle proved his steel.

Joe Biden could be to Clinton want Clinton was to Obama.  Yes, she is ready and experienced enough to be president but she needs a seasoned sparring partner.

Jeb Bush: The Republicans need to stop playing—stop it, I say…now.  Let me make one thing perfectly clear…read my lips….Jeb Bush is the only Republican with a real chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election.  If you notice, Bush has an “I don’t need this crap” air about him.  He is the grown person in the room and to flirt with Trump and the others leading in the polls today is insulting to a leader of his caliber.

A Jeb Bush/John Kasich ticket is the best case scenario because the former House Budget Committee chair is the governor of swing state Ohio and both men intelligently tell far Right conservatives when their fervor is too much.  Maybe Bush isn’t suited to be the nom from a party increasing dominated by folks who dig Trump-like rhetoric.

Hillary Clinton: The biggest obstacle to Hillary Clinton winning the White House isn’t the Republicans pulling voters from her.  The obstacle or concern is getting out people who normally vote for the Democrat nominee.  If you notice, I didn’t say Democrats because many of the sometimes voters who put President Obama in office aren’t “card carrying, meetings attending” proud members of the Blue Team.  I think of it as how dedicated are University of Georgia football fans compared to UGA basketball fans.

So, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton reach the people based in part on who they are personally rather than the power of the party as a cohesive operation (like the Republicans.)  Dem leaders think their base will vote for their nom (Hillary) as an only option because to GOP nom is head of a party with a crazy sub-division.  However, there is another option: stay home.  Say what, real Americans like me vote in every election including a run-off for local dog catcher.

But after the high of having Barrack Obama in the Oval, the next move for some people will be to look for non-governmental solutions because even the smoothest president in history couldn’t fixed your jacked-up life.  “….as not what this country can do for you…..”

Hurricane Farrakhan: Minister Louis Farrakhan is about to return to Washington, D.C., for a rally commemorating the historic Million Man March.  Team Hillary should be concerned….very, very concerned because the platform of the DNC seems to be based on governmental assistance rather than encouraging all Americans to step their personal games up.  If you notice the personal responsibility message to the Black community has always been the core of Farrakhan’s and  Malcolm X’s missions.

These young Blacks today are information savvy and recognize that the Democrats aren’t producing results. They want straight talk and clear solutions.  When Farrakhan finishes his indictment on “Brother Barrack”’s political party,  20% of the Obamacrats might blow off the next presidential election and that would be a mistake.

Team Hillary has countless Ivy League nerds with charts, polls and algorithms.  If those cats join with the bishops from the Black churches and folks who marched with King, they won’t create a message that will sense to regular people.

While the official Hillary campaign can’t address certain issues in certain ways, they better hope that outside operations come up with an approach similar to this blog’s Best Interest Initiative.



Secretary Hillary Clinton recommended that Black Lives Matter activists get a more formal plan that involves solutions—good for her; good for them.  One of the biggest question marks about Clinton’s path into the Oval Office is can she get most of the Obama voters back to the polls in November of 2016. If she does, she would be president because she will (in my opinion) receive a surprising percentage of suburban women who voted for McCain and Romney.

Some say bloggers have delusions of grandeur.  Does Obamacare cover the treatment of this condition?  Well, I want to make a few points that will hopefully (unlikely) reach important ears through the six degrees of separation.

Black Lives Matter: While I can appreciate civil disobedience to a certain degree, this bum-rushing the stage stuff would be dangerous in the gun-loving South.  Also, they shouldn’t try that at a Minister Farrakhan speech because there would be more punches than at the last Ronda Rousey fight.

Because Black southerners are more moderate, Black Lives Matter might be surprised that many Blacks here think that equal outrage should be focused on Black on Black violence.

Judge Willie Lockette: Yes, he is grandfather of the football player from the Super Bowl but Lockette’s wisdom in Albany, Georgia, could save more people nationally than the number of fans in that stadium.  I took Administrative Law class from him in grad school so I know his logic is like Thurgood Marshall meets Andy Griffin.   While speaking to a fraternity’s youth group, Lockette broke down his recommendations for encounters with the police.


Lockette, who had a meeting with Simmons and some youth earlier this week to discuss the topic, talked about how young blacks should survive an encounter with police officers.

 “We came up with a list of four Do’s and four Don’ts,” Lockette said. Things not to do include don’t react, don’t reach, don’t run and don’t resist. Running is a major no-no, Lockett said.


Lockette’s list of things to do:


“Do respect the police even if you think they are wrong; do use restraint; do record everything. You have a cell phone, use it; and do report any problems you might have.

“And always remember, you could be right, but you could also be dead right.”

Candidate Clinton: Winning elections involves three things: getting people to vote for you, getting people to vote against the other person/people and who stays home.  Candidates have big egos and want people to vote for them because they are wonderful.  But, consider the people who won office because people were voting against the other person (it’s like rebound kisses.)  For example, Sonny Perdue became governor of Georgia because people were voting against then Governor Roy Barnes’ changes to the state flag and some changes to the educational system.  Hell, some voters couldn’t pick Perdue out of a line up but he rode that wave.

The “stay home” factor is a two-edged sword for Clinton.  The bad edge involves infrequent voters who voted for Obama because he was such a wonderful person (like Bill Clinton and some think Ronald Reagan) but who would blow off the next election.

The good edge for Clinton will be the fact many conservative voters are so particular about their issues and candidates than the might blow off the GOP nominee because that candidate knocked out their guy/gal or isn’t hardcore enough on a few issues.  From the grave, Reagan is saying take the most electable conservative and from Atlanta reasonable Republican Charlie Harper of Peach Pundit is telling his fellow conservatives that Donald Trump will make Hillary Clinton president for sure.

Solutions: While Black Lives Matters is grabbing mics like Run/DMC, the southern effort to help our communities starts with listening to Judge Lockette’s wisdom about being right and dead.

Secondly, since Clinton called for solutions and an organized plan, someone from her camp (and every political camp) should spend an hour reading Project Logic Ga’s Best Interests Initiative.  BII isn’t actually about what elected leaders can do for the people, it’s about the people functioning smarter after acknowledging that we must do for self first and that there isn’t always a governmental solution to every personal and community problem.  Yeah, I must have some serious delusions of grandeur jumping off because I think those nine blog posts could/should heal the divide in this country.

To Democrats, BII is a starting point to secure moderates and maybe restart the conservative section of the Blue Team.  To Republicans, BII is how you’ll should approach others with conservatism but don’t.


The Best Interests Initiative seeks to give the public and policymakers the non-governmental solutions to problems that end up requiring governmental responses and taxpayers’ money.  You could say BII is budget neutral if not budget zero because it’s about getting policymakers to acknowledge that not all answers come from them.  Actually, that acknowledgement could lead to a reversal of mindset; a future where governmental involvement is reduced and consequently governmental spending.

Listen to BII: If reading nine blog posts is long for some, the PC and smartphone offer the opportunity to cut and paste the text of the individual post and listen to them.  Cool.

System Speech for computers


@ Voice Reader Aloud for smartphones


Background:  Destroying the opposition and holding power are the primary missions of political parties.  Improving this nation comes as an afterthought.  During the last few decades, the political arena has become a battlefield and the American people are the ultimate losers.

Mission:  The Best Interest Initiative (BII) was created to add a supplemental discussion/purpose to the public policy debate.  The BII concept is simple: governmental policies do not address many of the problems in the community and the nation but no one admits that fact.  The mission of BII is to educate everyone on non-governmental options and solutions by creating a platform for discussions that include everyone.

For Future Candidates:  It’s clear that the body politics and policy needs some new ideas.  Well, BII could be the I.V. that pumps good medicine.  Those who follow politics know the names being toss around as “who’s next” when current leaders retire or move up to different positions.   Some say the Dem and GOP benches are thin but I say not so because I know prep moves when I see them.

My advice to candidates is to slowly build your network and credentials but also come to the people with something fresh, outside the box and something solutions –based.   Something like the Best Interests Initiative.  I think of the BII as being a middle/centrists version of the TEA Party or the Contract With America….or better, what the Blue Dogs really say after retirement.

For Democrats: BII could open the door to moderates and centrists who think the party has been pulled too far left.

For Republicans:  Aspects of BII grew from talks with my disenchanted Black conservative friends who feel their party has the correct objective but approaches problems with ugly, brutish methods.

For the Sensible Center: BII is an education movement to compassionately outline a fresh approach to living better with less governmental involvement.

Goal: BII has the lofty goal of having 1,000 readers before March 2016.  At some point, someone with some juice is going to read BII and say “this is it…this is hot.”

http://projectlogicga.com/best-interests-initiative/    and the link is a tab at the top of projectlogicga blog.

Best Interests Initiative    Power point show

Best Interests Initiative –Outline



Desired result/build Backwards

B.I.I.- non-governmental solutions to community problems that create governmental actions.

Key Topics

Education/Career Training– Education is the foundation of a nice life.

No bad legal job

24/7 Grammar

Cost of College

Hoop Dreams

Military Education Option

Networking/The Hustle

Straight To Work Option

Hip Hop Music and Culture – Rap is an art form and artist should be free.  Musical sub-culture leads to choices which lead to financial consequences.

Proper Context

Art imitating life

Life imitating art

Hip is a Culture

Dress and Speech (Employability)

“Old men for counsel; young men for war.”

1 Kings 12:8

Music Executives/Klan’s work


Music/Cultural Decisions

2nd Thessalonians 3:10-15

Law/Freedom  What’s more important than freedom?

Would you rather be a slave in 1815 or an inmate in 2015?

Put it on the scale.

Bill Badass- no one tells him what to do

Closet living

Cost of Prisons- big governmental budget item

$21,000 for Georgia inmate in 2011

$90,000 for Georgia Juvenile offender

Other freedoms

Reporting to government

Alcohol, drug and food addictions

Financial Freedom

Basic Law 101

Ignorance is not an excuse

Civil, Criminal, Torts, Property And Family Law

Two hour Intro to Law for Youth

Home Economics/Housing Everything starts at home/Home Training

Home = Small Business

Home Business Plan

Investing- college cost, homeownership

Training- etiquette, faith walk, dinner table discussions

Research- Successful families, DIY Home Improvement, Useful T.V.

Development- building stronger kids, parents who learn from other’s wisdom, family sacrifice for career opportunities

Risk Management- Nipping problems in the bud, surrounding family with positive people in healthy environments, particular about schools.

Savings/Financial Foundation- untouchable nest egg, retirement program at work, struggle-free living

Marketing- Networking positive constructive people who witness your solidness, dating people who enhance your life

Human Resources- family members are new employees/partners, exhaustive interview process, detailed research of history and experience

Home Ownership

House is 2nd biggest investment

Renting is buying for someone else

Appreciable Asset

Means – Don’t bite off more than you can chew

House Poor/Counting Chickens

Struggle, Stretch, Strain

Struggle is part of life

Constantly Stretching Money

Financial and Emotional Strain

Conspicuous Consumption/Bling

Smart Financial Planning

$3,000 Rims on $2,000 car

Air Jordans at the Bus Stop

Lump Sum / Earned Income Tax Credit

 Public Policy Arena Agenda Everyone has an agenda/staying paid

Eye for detecting agendas

Teachers’ Union – Johnny Can’t Read

Georgia Peanuts

Activists- sincere or love drama

Gun Control

Press as Activists

Right Wing Media and Hip Hop Culture

Negative Energy = Opportunistic Agenda

Psalms 1:1  Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

Psalm 1:6 For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

Tail Wagging the Dog

Conflict and Demonization = ratings and money

Presidential Candidates Building a Brand

Hip Hop Industry – worse than the Klan

Do anything for more money

Music executives get the real money

East money for thugs and dancers isn’t easy

Role of Government/Unhealthy Liberal Agenda

Federal Government should protect everyone’s rights

Temporary Assistance leads to Entitlement Mentality

Does assistance limit doing for self?

Are city liberals’ agenda healthy for rural communities?

Every voice at the table

Far Right and Far Left too vocal

Justice Clarence Thomas’s Grandfather : Keep the government out of your business


Everyone has an agenda

Develop Agenda Detection Capabilities

Compare and Contrast

Personal Responsibility  Choices, Decisions and Consequences

Government can’t fix everything

Solutions start with personal responsibility

Own what you did

Conservative Movement P.R. movement failed: Too Mean

Positive Encouragement

Speaker Newt Gingrich’s federal government limited role: fair playing field

Prosperity determined by actions

If your life stinks, what did you do or didn’t you do

Choices, Decisions and Consequences

Does governmental involvement encourage risky decision-making?

Deliberation –  big choices require a slow well-researched decision-making process

Focus – implement and execute decisions

Family Engineering – who had a baby with whom at what time and under what financial conditions

Self-analysis – look in the mirror

Faith and the Moral Compass

Faithless people – costly circumstances

Why God allows suffering?  Earthly Heaven

Moral Compass = Act Right

Matthew 22:35-40 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying,

Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Randy Pausch: Just ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do.

Thoughts, Words and Deeds

JFK: Ask Not

Governmental Authority:

Romans 13: 1-5 1Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.2Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience. 

Rulers do not bear the sword for no reason

Without order, chaos


Residual Benefit of Church

Understanding – Proverbs 3, 5-6.  Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

                Limit life in the streets

                Positive Networking/ Job Search


            1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

                Biblical justification for wealth seeking

                People your faith consider wrong

Religious, Spiritual and Righteous

Plenty room in Hell

Peace: respectful and considerate toward others    


T.V. and Social Media Influence

T.V. and internet shape lives

Fashion, Cultural and Social Trends

T.V. as an educational tool

                Maury Show, Honey Boo Boo  

                High channels: Law, Food, Home, History, Money

Classic T.V.

Social Media

                Facebook isn’t the devil

                Educational You Tube

Summary- media shouldn’t replace family





Life and Death

Personal responsibility for diet and exercise

Foods literally “to die for”

Food choices: low-fat fat back

Drinking calories

First Lady Michelle Obama’s food choices efforts

                Government involvement – public healthcare cost

                Speaker Newt Gingrich: healthcare system should reward fighters

Moderation – portion control

U.S.D.A. My Plate: Fruits, Grains, Veggies, Protein, Dairy

Other Choices: Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Relations

Healthcare Industry 

                Doctors with pills

                Emergency room = doctor’s office for uninsured

                Annual exams for early detection

                Big Pharma vs. diet/exercise

Mental/Emotional Health

                Emotional Problems – Self-medication

                Counseling Needed

Peace, Rest and Happiness = Good medicine  


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