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Best Interest Initiative: Education/Career Training

A good education is the foundation of a nice life.  Education should be formal (in class) and informal (everywhere else.)  Learning ends the day you die.

No bad legal Job- Young people should know that all work is a brick in the wall of life and each position serves a stepping stone purpose.  If your first job is tossing watermelons in the Georgia sun, that work should motivate you to study harder in school and tossing melons for money is better than paying gym fees.

When gas stations were filling stations, a hustling attendant would wash the window and check the tire pressure with such enthusiasm that customers would say, “I could use a man with your drive in my business…come see me Monday morning.”  Today, kids could create similar situations at MacDonald’s, Wal-mart, Starbucks or the local golf course.  The golf course is where the rich guys and connected people hang.  “Yes sir, get that for you right now.”

24/7 Grammar – Education starts with parents speaking proper grammar at home all of the time and encouraging kids to the do the same.  It’s a good thing for families to sit down at a table together for one meal daily and that time should include personal updates on what is happening with the parents’ careers and business and the kids’ schools, friends and activities. Amazingly, some 20 year olds can’t speak in complete sentences to other adults—know what I’m say…know what I’m saying.  And they wonder why they didn’t get the clerk job at the mall.  Also, it’s in kids’ best interest to text and email in regular sentences because it’s practice for school and work.

Rough music and T.V. are the enemies of good grammar and kids should be surrounded by well-speaking friends. Of course, reading is fundamental and the internet isn’t as nice as an actual book.

How to attend school/study- Some people can study with a radio or T.V. blasting.  Others can’t; I can’t.  Students must discover a system, plan or ritual that works for them.  I have found it wise to ask academically successful people what worked for them; some of it is good genes but some of it is learning how to “get down for the get down.”  Some people rewrite note while others read chapters ahead.  Whatever gets the job done best needs to be the program.

Cost of College- The cost of college has gone up considerably in the last 20 years.  Kids need to have a plan to finance higher education as early as 10 years old—the kid’s plan in addition to the parent’s plan.  Starting life off 50K to 100K in debt is the worse.  Many states have joint enrollment programs in which students earn considerable college credit for free before graduating from high school.  Some students actually get their high school and two year college degrees at the same time.

Someone needs to sound the alarm about for-profit colleges.  Some of these schools are saddling students with huge debts and student loans bills will follow you to the grave.

Hoop Dreams- Kids practice sports for countless hours with dreams of getting an athletic scholarship and turning pro.  Yes, many young people stay away from drugs and kept their grades up to play sports.  However, these activities are extracurricular with “extra” being the key.  If these kids spent half of their practice time getting homework and studying, their situations would be more balanced.  Also, great grades and SAT scores expands the number of schools that would be interested in you playing sports.  Playing football at Duke, Davidson or Morehouse puts you in a network of alumni that is more beneficial than playing in the NFL for a few years.

Military Education Option- Many young people join the military to pay for college and we thank them for their service.  Some wild college freshmen would have been better off with a few years of college first.  18 year olds who spend a few years in uniform get important job training, learn diversity from battle buddies and get to live on the other side of the nation and/or the world.  Today, those military personnel have the opportunity to attend college online from a real university during their down time.

Networking/The Hustle- Let’s be honest, there are many, many holders of advance degrees in the poor house.  One must get an education and turn that paper into a money-making career. Crafty people know how jobs are filled in an area and function accordingly—join the lodge, volunteer next to key community leaders. If the police and firefighters play softball in a certain league, you should dust off your glove and bat if you want to work with them. It’s not fair, but it’s often true.

“Everyone with pull attends that church.” On the other hand, leaders hire people they know well and if you grew up over the last 20 years as a positive member of a congregation with someone… that means something.  Hey, Marines hire Marines.  In the last 30 years, leadership position in a local school system was indirect related to H.R. directors who were members of two sororities.  At the end of the day, some people know how to hustle up a job better than others and the sad part is that those others might have done a much better job.  It’s a dirty game.

Straight To Work Option- Of course, some successful people went to work right out of high school and staying on some job until retirement.  These people received on the job training and moved up over time.  School is formal education but working in some ways covers the same material in a hands-on manner.  If giving the opportunity, these people should still seek a two-year degree in their spare time because reading and writing well will open the door to mid-level management since no one wants to do the physical jobs at middle age.  Of course, computers are on every job these days and some vocational training helps with technology.

Summary: Education and training could solve many community problems because people at school and work aren’t idled and involved in as much negative behavior.

A wise young man who wants to skip college should go to work at Dollar General or a similar business; be on time and ready to work hard with a smile; learn every aspect of shipping and receiving and move up to a well-paying plant when the opportunity arises.  Oh yeah, he or she should butter-up the current employees of those major plants every chance he or she gets.

Agriculture is the biggest industry in Georgia but everyone doesn’t cotton to farm work.  However, from seed to fork offers many careers for rural citizens—food and fiber processing, distribution, inspection.  Once upon a time, we actually made textiles in this country.

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Best Interests Initiative

In the politics/public policy arena, many efforts to improve the quality of life for average Americans have been launched.  After years of blogging about politics and being frustrated with the status quo, Project Logic Ga has decided to take a different approach by thinking outside the box during 2015.  We aim to listen to the people rather than telling them what to think.  Most importantly, we want to do something different; viewing problems and solutions from an entirely new angle.

We should start with the desired result and built backwards.  What is in our community’s best interests and how do we get there?  Of course, everyone currently feels that their actions are the answers.  There is no need to be critical and thanks for your continued efforts.  Considering aspects of our new views doesn’t mean that you are abandoning existing associations.  If you like something, you should incorporate it with your traditional affiliations.

Best Interests Initiative seeks to bring people in our community in south Georgia together to research what works then to implement a grassroot effort to spread the new message.  We are starting with the topics below; they aren’t chiseled in stone.  That’s the cool part.  Some of these topics might be great while others should be discarded.  Feedback will determine what’s beneficial.  We will write a new blog post at the beginning of each month based on these key topics.




Key Topics

  1. Education/Career Training: No bad legal jobs; life-time learning; Be resourceful; 24/7 Grammar; How to Attend School/Study; Cost of College; Military Education Option; Networking/The Hustle


  1. Music/Culture: Impact of Hip Hop; Glamorization of Thugs, Strippers and Criminals; Life Imitating Art; Absence of historic strivers mentality


  1. Law/Freedom: Love Freedom; Cost of Prisons; Understanding basic law; Family Law


  1. Home Economics/Housing: Home Ownership; Conspicuous Consumption/Bling; Living Inside Means; Birds of a Feather; Counsel of the Successful


  1. Public Policy Arena Agenda: Eye for Agendas, Watch Big business, activists, the Media talking heads and elected officials; the truth about public spending; role of government/Justice Thomas’s grandfather; “Government isn’t Daddy”


  1. Personal Responsibility: Avoid the Struggle Culture, Choices, Decisions and Consequences; Deliberation; Focus; Family Engineering; Self-analysis


  1. Faith/Righteous Living: Moral Compass; Residual Benefit of Church; Psalm 133:1


  1. Media: T.V.’s high channels; Net and TV as educational tool; Classic TV as a model for family life; positive usage of social media


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60 Minutes had a recent segment on Obamacare and the healthcare industry that is a must watch.  It’s a dirt game and the lobbyists have won again while the rest of us better not dare get sick.  The cost of drugs and services must come down but thanks President Obama for trying.

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Folks in Cuba

We should always respectfully question the actions and agendas of our leaders.  Today, President Obama will announce new rules regarding Cuba.  Thank you Mr. President because it should have been done years ago.  I am about to go off with a rant-filled list.

So, Americans could travel to the former U.S.S.R. but could not go to Cuba.  Why were Japanese put in camps during World War II but I never heard of the German and Italian camps.  Why was Jackie Robinson court-marshaled for not going to the back of the bus on Fort Hood, Texas, while Germany POWs were allowed to eat in Whites only sections of the mess hall there?  Why was my brother in the Navy fighting for freedom during Vietnam but I couldn’t drink out of a public water fountain or check out a book in the library?

Why weren’t Blacks involved in the discussion about what would happen with them after the Civil War (yea, half Black Fredrick Douglas was there sometimes..)  Why, oh why, didn’t President U.S. Grant’s plan to buy the island of Hispaniola for former slaves catch on seriously?

Since I am ranting on the U.S. Civil War, you should remember the villain Lovelace’s plans in Will Smith’s movie the Wild Wild West.  Those plans were similar to the Confederacy’s plan if they won the war and the plans of slave owners since they didn’t.  They wanted a warm weather, slave-hold confederacy across the American South, Latin America, the Caribbean and the north of the South America…cotton, bananas, and sugar.

While Fidel Castro is a rough dude, the dudes he tossed out were also dirty.  To be honest, White Spanish (from Spain) oppressed Blacks in Cuba for a long time….since the conquistadors with the metal hats.  They worked those people in the cane fields but didn’t share the wealth and opportunities.   When the Fulgencio Batista regime from the 1950s was toppled in the movie the Godfather and rich people were running for the airport, I always cheered.  Cuba was their playground and Batista allowed seediness similar to early Las Vegas.

In his farewell address, President Dwight Eisenhower warned of the power of the defense industrial complex and I am convinced defense private sector interests were behind the killing of JFK, MLK and RFK because those three question our involvement in Vietnam.  Don’t stand between rich cats and more loot.

Often, the leaders of nations hate each other but not the people.  The History Channel is the bomb.  The Japanese people thought U.S. Marines would eat their children.  People behind the Iron Curtain thought we Americans spent all of our time planning their destructions.  We were actually chilling while watching cartoons.  These leaders need to get into a boxing ring and duke it out rather than waging war from their secure locations.

I have had the best time hanging the Eastern Europe.  Rock and hip hop have done more to bridge the divide than the diplomatic corps.  Something told me the Cuba people didn’t hate the America people as much as the leaders did.  I am not saying I discovered this to be the case before President Obama changes the travel ban.  If I travelled to Cuba, it would have been as a brown person who knew that those people were being controlled by the Communist like we were limited north of them.

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Blacks and Whites are in a world of trouble politically in the South; I don’t care what the election results say.  We are a house divided and it’s never healthy having political parties of one color. Never.

Steve and Cokie Roberts breakdown some amazing numbers and facts in their column recently but the essence is that Whites have left the Democrat Party in the South for the GOP and therefore the Dems are mostly Black.  The GOP in the South control most governorships and state houses but as of January, there won’t be a White Democrat in the U.S. House or U.S. Senate from the South.


To me, elections could have been won if the people that the Clinton White House and the Obama White House sought to help would have simply voted and if the GOP far right wasn’t a well-oiled fear machine.

But, the reality is this: everyone better figuring out what is in our best interests and function accordingly.  It’s not in our best interests as southerners if GOP leaders win elections and the far right dares them to dialog with the rest of the population.  Perhaps, those people who Dems help who don’t vote will be forced into living differently when they realize that the people winning elections aren’t baby-sitting them. Hey, tough love or tough hate could get things moving.

Let me make it plain: the Black community needs to have a relationship with whoever is sworn into office.  Secondly, we need to have a frank discussion about living better without government being at the center of our universe.  Lastly, it might be time to sub-divide the interests of our community because we are spending too much time, energy and resources on a certain segment— a segment that needs everything but won’t vote.

Hillary Clinton would be a great president but the Dem Team better come up with a plan of substance.  If not, the door could be open for Senator Rand Paul or Governor Jeb Bush to secure the most productive selection of our community by finding something new and by telling the crazies on the Red Team to chill.  I hate to say it but our community might need to show numbers in the GOP primaries to select Republicans who are less nutty because that’s where the decisions are being made.

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Southern Blacks shouldn’t be a presidential lock for anyone in 2016.  Secretary Hillary Clinton is one nice candidate and she is better prepared to be potus than most were at the time of their election.  But, the times they are a changing and we need more than good campaigning; we need a comprehensive plan and approach for living better.   That P and A might involve the government finally admitting that its role in our personal well-being should be limited.  They should tell the people the truth so we are function accordingly.

Politics and campaigning are the arts of getting people elected (often times, by saying bad stuff about the other side.)  Governing is about the proper running of public enterprises.  In the midterm elections, fancy Ivy League types in D.C. planned how to get regular folks thinking to produce their desired results.  Their desired results weren’t better governing and better personal living; it was making money for them and keeping power.

They spent a zillion dollars on campaign ads with candidates wearing denim shirts while walking on farms with dogs.  If the Democrats spent 15% of their ad money hosting events to meet and listen to voters, they would have done much better.  The old Get Out The Vote model of having teams in every area gives regular people the opportunity to make a few bucks while helping the campaign process.   In the basement of the DNC and the RNC on Capitol Hill, low level congressional staffers attend workshops on how to get campaign volunteers to work for nothing while stacks of cash are spent on TV ads that turn off the voters.

Carlton Fletcher of the Albany Herald recently wrote an instant classic about campaign ads.


After a chill holiday season, those in the political arena should spend 2015 listening to regular people.  Elections are often decided by who secures the sensible center.  The GOP presidential primary will likely pull their nominee so far right than the party turns off the center in the November election again.  They need to go get Michael Steele’s old plans for growth—plans that start with telling crazies to relax and end with embracing the minority version conservatism.

Southern Blacks outside big cities aren’t really liberal.  Oh, we won’t be hooking up with the GOP because the nuttiest on that team are running the show.  But, we might grow disillusion and stay home.  There is an emerging segment of my community that feels that a return to non-government solutions is the answer; solutions that center on personal responsibility and how we carry ourselves.  That opens the door to GOP mavericks like Rand Paul and Jeb Bush.  Is the GOP so far gone that Jeb Bush’s level-headiness makes him an outlier.  Yes.

In 2014 in the South, the Democrats assume they had the Black vote and therefore spent their time courting the Whites who bounced for the GOP.  They better court our Black “blanks” are we might bounce also.

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The Democrats failed in the mid-term elections for reasons that were clear to most—except them.  I knew a year ago (no five years ago) that I would be writing these points today.

Money: Dems in Georgia raised and spent enough money for Nunn and Carter to win but they spent it in the wrong places.  Most voters are unaware of the cottage industry surrounding elections, an industry that centers on Buckhead in Atlanta.  First, you find a candidate who can raise tons of dollars with our friends then you hire our other friends to run the campaigns and still other friends to produce and do media buys for a zillion TV ads. How many people didn’t vote because they were weary from campaign ads?

The people inside this cottage industry won the election a year ago when they secured legacy candidates like Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter, rich fellows like David Perdue and sitting congressmen like Jack Kingston and a few others.  They had the money makers.

Better Money: If Nunn and Carter listened to seasoned cats like Sanford Bishop, they would have cut the media buy money by a third and put that money on old school street teams outside of Atlanta.  When the original Carter and Nunn were winning in the 1970s, the Dems knew to secure the support of old ball coaches, funeral directors, barbers, pastors and other community leaders.  These community leaders would put together teams of workers who made a few dollars.  Grandmothers would be so proud that their family members were involved and leading rallies.

I knew Michelle Nunn would make a great senator but her work history involving volunteerism concerned me from the start.  Black folks aren’t volunteering when they can see that you spent millions on T.V. ads.  They should have spent those millions on rally D.J.s and those free hot dog trucks.  Food and old school music will get the crowd out and that’s when you hook them with warmth.

Learning from Florida: There are two important lessons we can learn this election season from our neighbors to the south.  First, Gwen Graham won a U.S. House in North Florida by striking a correct balance between T.V. ads and community events.  Of course, she is from a famous political family but she rolled up her sleeves and pressed pressed pressed the flesh at dozens of free food events.  Hey, we like free food and Frankie Beverly music.  Graham took it home last week with a free Jimmy Buffet show…nice.

Secondly, Governor Rick Scott narrowly won reelection by running up the numbers in rural areas to counterbalance big Dem numbers in the Florida cities.  In Georgia, we have city Blacks in Atlanta, Blacks in the next five cities (Columbus, Albany, Macon, Savannah and Augusta) and rural Blacks.  Obviously, the plan was to get metro Atlanta to balance the GOP’s rural base.  But, those Blacks in Atlanta are real liberals who weren’t going to get pumped up to help Michelle Nunn while she ran from President Obama and ran to Governor/Senator Zell Miller.  Yes, Miller was a great Georgian back when but he spoke at the GOP national convention for Obama’s opponent. Black folks have memories.  On the other hand, rural Blacks are more conservative and more likely to support moderates like Sanford Bishop.  The Democrat efforts should have started by listening to Bishop.

Second guessing: The Democrat Party in Georgia spent the last year trying to get White Republicans to switch back…newsflash “They are gone.”  The party spent less energy getting the Obama base out.

Future: Michelle Nunn is still a big winner because she is position to be the Dem Senate candidate when Senator Isakson retires.  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed would be the natural candidate but you know the cottage industry mentioned above must eat and they eat exceptionally well.  Again, getting money is more important than winning.

Black diversity: This blog started years ago as an effort to convince our community to take a better look at the details of politics and policymaking.  Both major political parties have incorrect approaches to us.  We need to take a hard look at the role political hope plans in how we carry ourselves because the parties and the government are indirectly hurting us.

Hillary 2016: Not so fast, we need to talk.

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